To do or not to do: How Upwork shows you how to rock your to-do lists

To-do lists. it’s one of those things that everyone has but never does. You either keep all your tasks organized with one and check them off after your done, or you just stop writing and throw it away.

An article on, submitted by ClickUp, tells a list of tips to help you sail through your next to-do list., previously Elance-oDesk, is a freelance website where users can submit themselves to do various jobs. they offer a wide variety of jobs, from Software Development to ghostwriting.

A lot of topics said in the article are aimed at preparing your list, including getting everything written down.

you have to get everything in order to make a to-do list. If you don’t get every last detail, you might miss something.

they also mention preparing you to list in advance.

This is simple. Before you go to your big meeting to talk to your employees or go on that mission trip you paid 300 dollars for, you have to make a to-do list of things you need to do before you go. You need to do your homework.

One other tip is to define the priorities. You might need to feed the dog before you vacuum. feeding animal is more important than vacuuming the house.

Another topic they state throughout the article is about the list itself. Like, how many places do you have to be.

Some tips they say is that it’s hard to manage in different places, and might slip through the cracks, or how long it will take to do every single task.

And that brings up the next tip, time.

You have to know when you start the list when you’ll do it, and how long will it take to compete. you’ll lose track of time very easily, and be late to that important meeting.

Another tip is to re-evaluate the list.

they recommend in the article to set aside a couple of minutes at the end of the week to re-evaluate the entire list, delete useless tasks, and repeat it! make it a habit!

Another topic they talk about it about yourself, including zooming in and out.

According to the article, that means, “break up every big task into a number of smaller subtasks.”

It will give you less stress.

Another thing they mention is to know the energy level of each task. Filling out paperwork is way different than cleaning out the gutter. Each task will require a different energy level, and you will most likely get work out.

You can read the full article here:


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