The Stock Market According To Chris Linkas

Chris Linkas is familiar with clients who constantly question individual stocks, the economy and the market. There are numerous strategies for investments that are not common knowledge. Some of the best advice is to bet on takeovers and beware of bubbles. It is common knowledge that even the best of investors makes mistakes. One of the worst mistakes is to double down on a failing investment. When an investor believes they are right they will continue funding a losing proposition. Chris Linkas has witnessed investors making this mistake while working with the European Credit Group.

A lot of investors use news events to make their trades. They make their purchases based on a corporate event, contract win or earnings announcement (Cheynecapital). Once the event is over they simply move on to something else. In the case of Covalon Technologies the stock decreased forty percent once their earnings were released. Chris Linkas has handled opportunistic principal investments in numerous regions including the United Kingdom, France, Spain and Greece. He realizes even the safest stocks can take a big hit when the markets shift.

Higher interest rates this year are causing concerns among the investors and takeover rumors are common. Once in a while a rumor is correct but most never amount to anything. There are some important basic principles regarding stocks Chris Linkas understands very well ( A stock should never be ignored forever. Extreme care should be taken when making a purchase because of a takeover rumor. Just because an investor has been burned by a specific stock does not mean ignoring the company is the correct avenue. This will reduce potential stock investments in the future. Even if a particular stock has been removed from an investors portfolio it can be added back in at a later time. This may be dependent on the quarterly earnings.

One of the most important aspects of the stock market is things change. The dynamic of the marketplace fluctuates and no stock should be ignored. A stock that caused an investor a loss in the past may provide a nice return at a later date.


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