The Oxford Club: Providing Invaluable Investment Advice

Successful investment is something that everyone dreams of. It is the most assured way of collecting wealth. Investment in stocks, options, real estate, equities, and currencies is one of the most lucrative ways to make real money.

So why aren’t there more people doing it? Well, there is considerable risk involved in this kind of investment, and this is what scares off most potential investors. What you need to succeed in your investment journey is expert advice before you commit any money.

The Oxford Club is a global organization comprised of entrepreneurs and investors. The club’s main aim is to create immense long-term wealth for its members. Their real objective is not just to make the members rich but also to enable them to enjoy a happy and fulfilling life.


The Oxford Club’s roots can be traced back to the 1970s to a group known as “The Merchant & Brokers Exchange.” This was an international group of business men who realized that working together with like-minded individuals was a quicker path to success.

This predecessor to the Oxford Club was founded by an American insurance salesman working in Hong Kong. The group began as a way for American businessmen working abroad to get together and exchange ideas. The leader of the group, Gary Scott, officially registered it and expanded it to London.

After some time at the helm, Scott relinquished leadership of the group to the CEO of Agora Inc., Bill Bonner. The name of the club was changed to The Passport Club, a nod to the international nature of its members.

The Club expanded rapidly under Bonner’s leadership, getting a record ten thousand members by 1990. In 1991, Bonner bought a financial newsletter called The Oxford Club, which was published by an investment firm in Florida, and it had thousands of subscribers.

Bonner hired a new director whose main job was to convert the newsletter’s subscribers into club members. The club would later change its name from The Passport club to The Oxford Club.

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