The Impact Oncotarget Has Made

Oncotarget is a free journal that was established in 2010. It is published by Impact Journals Its main focus is on matters dealing with health specifically on the care and treatment of cancer. The perspective of the patient is also included when it comes to these treatment methods. The chief editors of Oncotarget are Mikhal V. Blagosklonny and Andrei V. Gudkov. The journal looks into the impact of newly suggested protocols. Aspects such as the impact of the treatment on the quality of life and satisfaction one gets from the treatment are focused on. If the treatment proves to be beneficial more doctors will incorporate the procedure into their work.

Contents of the journal are posted on their Official Website on a weekly basis where any interested individual can see them. From this site individuals can get information on the different research that is being carried out to treat cancer. People can leave reviews on the site either giving positive or negative feedback. These will be used to make changes where necessary. Reviews also help determine the age groups visiting the site. This information will help the editors to write articles that will appeal to the specific age groups.Issues can be printed depending on what people demand. The aim of the Oncotarget team is to relay information regarding scientific results far and wide. This will help in maximizing the impact of scientific research that is being done.

The journal helps get rid of the border between different medical personnel who have various specialties. The fields of biomedical science are linked through this journal. This is because different professionals come to review the journal and give their insights on the topics.The continued success of the journal has prompted editors to focus on other areas apart from oncology. Areas such as pathology, immunology and autophagy are included in the articles. The popularity of Oncotarget is due to the team work of the professionals involved. Through this, insightful information is published. The impact factor that Oncotarget has is at 5.I68, which was recorded in 2016/2017. This number has gone up from 5.008 in 2015.


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