The Development of Heather Russell

Early this year, Heather Russell stepped to the TransUnion in the position of the Chief Legal Officer and Executive Vice President. Formerly, she worked at a prominent law firm known as the Buckley Saddler, LLP. Rus

sell garnered much respect from her employees working in the Financial Institutions Regulations, Supervision Practices, and Technology since the year 2016. Russell specialized her practices in banks and financial service institutions regarding economic practices. The individual knows how to interact with her employees since she worked hard through various ranks to her current post. Thus, she helps settle even personal matters of her workers. Russell specializes in areas like implementing required regulatory changes, merger and acquisition and safeguarding the regulatory approval processes.

Heather Russell has a Bachelor’s of Art in Biology and English. Further, she graduated from the American University’s Washington College of Law with Juris Doctor. As an outstanding graduate, she got awarded with the Most Outstanding Graduate Award due to her general excellence in law. Also, she is an adjunct professor teaching about fintech and the future of banks at Boston University School of Law. Moreover, she is glad about participating in promoting the advancement of the leading international consumer credit reporting authority. Therefore, she brings forward additional opinions to the administrative team.

The individual has recognizable experiences from various ranks. Initially, she worked as the Chief Legal Officer, Executive Vice President, and Corporate Secretary of the Fifth Third Bank. Also, held the position of the Global Chief Regulatory Council of the bank of New York Mellon. Heather Russell was the founder of the International Office of Public Policy and Regulatory Affairs, the department that controlled the relationship of the bank and its regulators in the 100 countries across the globe. Heather Russell also worked at the Bank of America giving the leading council services regarding global risks and advisory while working as the Senior Vice President and an Associate General Counsel.

More facts about Russell joining TransUnion:

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