The Colorful World of EOS | The Natural Way to Smooth your Lips

Eos, those little, colorful egg-shaped lip balms are taking the world by storm. But, it’s just a lip balm you say! And we say; they’re so much more. Not only do they come in the cutest twist top containers but they can also come in flavors and textures. The one we’re speaking of today is the Smooth Sphere Lip Balm in Passion Fruit.


The Features of Eos

The features that EOS carry in common with all flavors are these: Gluten-free; Paraben-free; Petrolatum-free; Phthalate-free. They all come in 0.25 oz., egg shaped packages. For less than 4 dollars you’ll get a bright or neutral-colored, egg-shaped package. Once you twist off the top, and that’s convenient, it can be thrown into any purse or small space ready for use without spilling the contents, have a peek here. The smooth texture of the lip balm ball inside fits nicely on the lips. It glides with enough product that is not too much or too little, one swipe is enough and Eos lasts quite a long time when used this way.

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Don’t like passion fruit? You’re in luck because each separate line that EOS put out comes in several flavors like Sweet Mint; Strawberry Sorbet; Blueberry Acai; Honeysuckle Honeydew; Summer Fruit and Pomegranate Raspberry just to name a few. Other Helpful Source,

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