Ten Great Hair Hacks from Wengie!

These ten hacks or tips are all so easy, but clearly work! They use products we all have at home. Okay, backwards starting with number ten are:


10 Vitamins and minerals help grow your hair and keep it strong from within. Eat foods that contain omega 3 fatty acids, vitamin c, vitamin a, biotin and folic acid. Wengie has teamed up with Sugar Bear Vitamins containing the same nutrients.


9 Clean your brush with shampoo then use a dryer sheet pushed over the bristles to smooth hair and add clean fragrance.


8 To make your pony tail look longer, put a second pony tail under the main one and brush them together.


7 Put a hair mask or cocoanut oil on before you shampoo, massage into scalp, comb through, wait 30 minutes and wash out.


6 Don’t dry hair with a towel and don’t ever rub. Instead, gently wring and pat dry with t-shirt.


5 Put hair spray on makeup brush to tame baby hairs. Also you can spray it on a bobby pin to hold it securely in your hair.


4 Twist lengths of hair and snip off the split ends that pop out with hair shears. You can also weave lengths of hair through your fingers and snip them off that way.


3 To fast curl your hair, put it in a high pony tail, divide into three sections and use a curling iron on each section. When the pony tail is released, your hair will fall into soft waves.


2 Before bed use dry shampoo, cornstarch or baby powder. Blast with a hair dryer in the morning to remove the powder.


1 Be gentle, don’t sleep with pony tail or braid. If you must, use a something soft like a piece of stocking to hold it. Satin pillow cases are good for your hair and your face.


Wengie demonstrates all of these techniques in an instructive and entertaining video and is super adorable while she does it!

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