Talk Fusion’s Video Chat’s Is Awarded For The Second Time In A Year

For the second time in a year, Talk Fusion, the home for all-in-one Video Marketing Solution, has earned recognition from the Technology Marketing Corporation (TMC). The integrated media giant named Talk Fusion as the winner for the 2016 Communications Solutions Products of the Year Award. This award recognizes exceptional products and services that augment voice, data and video communications. Such products needs to have been new to the market or greatly enhanced. Talk Fusion’s Video chat app, which is found on iTunes and Google Play Stores, allows for face-to-face communication with anyone on any device. The video chat app’s full version went live in March 2016.

In addition, Talk Fusion has demonstrated its continued success in the communication industry through the establishment of WebRTC Recorder, Free Trials, and development of a new website. All these achievement have been made within a year. Talk Fusion’s CEO, Bob Reina, asserted that the award and other accomplishments made by the company were the beginning of the future of their All-in-One Video Marketing Solution. He added that his team is highly dedicated to innovate and handle all processes with the highest levels of professionalism. Rich Tehrani, the CEO of TMC, lauded Talk Fusion as the true industry leader. Their communication solutions help users to attract more customers to their businesses.


About Talk Fusion

The modern businesses benefit from converged communication networks. However, deployment of such services is hectic. Notably, single vendor solutions are restrictive. Businesses need appropriate partners that can provide cutting-edge IP unified communication services to operate as going concerns in the competitive industry. Talk Fusion offers dynamic solutions that enhance their client’s marketing strategies by making them more engaging, persuasive and memorable through the use of video. Over the years, the company has been able to develop consumer oriented products and services that satisfy their utility. These products are designed to maximize business value. Talk Fusion’s unified communication applications allows for seamless integration.

Talk Fusion’s team is highly experienced in the field of communication and project management. These professionals have been hailed for handling different contracts in a professional manner. Some of the products developed by Talk Fusion are answering machines, headsets, voicemail, conference phones and cordless phones among many others.

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