Waiakea Water: The Water of the Future

For years now tap bottled water has been most people’s go to for drinking water instead of tap. Water from the faucet just isn’t as attractive or quality as bottled water found in stores. Not to mention, with what was recently revealed in Flint, Michigan, bottled water is most likely the safer choice between the two options. With that being said, you can not rely on just any brand of bottled water. Finding a truly all natural and healthy bottled water brand is harder than it seems.

Because water is a very bland beverage many think that all bottled water is the same. This is not true. Many bottled water brands false advertise where their water actually comes from. For instance, many claim that their water is natural “Alkaline Water,” when in reality it is often just normal tap water that has been run through a machine to give it its Alkaline properties.

In an industry where false advertisement is commonplace it can be very hard to find a bottled water brand you can trust. The key is to find a brand that stands behind its product like Waiakea Water. Though it may not be as popular as the traditional bottled water brands it is arguably the best on the market. Waiakea takes a unique approach to water, doing everything it can to separate itself from average brands. This is a very solid strategy considering the vast amount of bottled water brands on the market. However, most cannot compete with Waiakea Water.

Waiakea Water is a brand that consumers can trust. This means people don’t need to worry if the water is actually coming from a quality source. After all it is your money that you are spending.

Waiakea Water has received a lot of praise due to the brands natural Alkaline properties. Because of the Alkaline Waiakea has a pH balance of around 8.2. This is huge when you consider the way pH can both positively and negatively affect our bodies. pH levels below a 7 are acidic and can do great damage to teeth over time. 7 and above is considered neutral for the most part. Knowing the pH of what we drink everyday can help us live healthier lives.