Canadian Businessman Louis Chenevert in business

Canadian Businessman Louis Chenevert career has been impressive. He has worked with leading firms in the world such as General Motors and United Technologies Corporation. These two industries are closely related and his work has been to see that the production departments are working right. Louis Chenevert studied production management at the university. He has been using this degree to try and create an environment where business can make huge profits by employing good production methods. As a production manager, he was mandated to see that production methods that were employed led to higher production units, lowered the cost of production and generally lowered the overall cost of doing business.

Louis Chenevert managed to work for big corporations because he was very good at his work. Whenever he was given a responsibility, he did it to perfection. He would take over production in departments that were doing very bad but in no time he would streamline the whole things and production would be back to normal. In fact, his track record, shows that he left very good performance that could not be equated to any other manager before him. He executed his work with great passion and made companies he worked for grow rapidly.

While he was working with General Motors Canada, the production of cars in the company was one car a minute. This was a very good production rate. His performance at GM for 14 years was so good that when he decided to move to the aerospace industry to work for Pratt & Whitney, he easily landed the job. The aerospace production work was closely related with the work in the auto industry. He found that the production of one big engine at P&W stood one engine in two years. The production was too low by all standards. Louis Chenevert implemented a robust renovation of the production department. The production time came down to 9 months.

His impressive work at Pratt & Whitney landed him the position of the CEO of UTC. This is a conglomerate business which was managing various multi-billion businesses including Pratt & Whitney.