Meet The Hottest American Artist Alex Paul

He continues to drive the minds of many music lovers crazy with their indomitable single release that we could say has swept the world. Is it because many want to be drawn closer to our millennial generation or why has the world gone crazy over the release of the brandy track, “closer”? Well, that could be one of the many reasons, nevertheless, the most obvious one is the wild antics, addictive production, and of course their well-articulated artistic release and duo match of Alex Pall and Drew.

Their hilarious personalities have made their fans wilder whenever they hear of any of their

performances. As a matter of fact, their show is one of the most sought after in the city of NY and across the country. Alex Pall is one of the half of the duo who studied at North Eastern University and as coincident Dew also is a graduate from the same prestigious university.

Alex Pall with his other half is on a journey of success where each day they are revealing who they are besides their DJing skills. The new track is professionally weaved with deep emotions that are driving many as a drug. Alex grew up as DJ in NY City where he used to do what he liked alongside his career. He later realized he is more passionate about dance music and that’s when he met his manager who connected him with Drew. He resigned his job and got into the real business with Drew and they just matched properly.

When Alex Pall met Drew, they just clicked and it was obvious that they could work comfortably together. He was a talented producer while Pall knew some DJ gigs so they combined their skills and came up with same core values. He is the kind who want more, thus they work harder to have a bigger shot.

The new track, Closer, featured Halsey who Pall describes as incredible, very unique and has a great voice. If he was asked, she is the kind of person they would work with all through. The popularity of two has increased especially through social media across the world just because their music makes you feel a unique way.