Fortress Investment Group gets a feel of Peter Briger’s Prowess

Peter Briger has enjoyed remarkable success throughout his investment career. His colleagues identify him as a dedicated guy who will go out of his way to get things done. The Fortress Investment Group co-chairman has made a name for himself in the world of finance.

He was made partner at Goldman, Sachs and company in 1996. He served at the firm for close to 15 years. Peter Briger led a host of groups within the company including the Special Opportunities Fund LLC.He was also part of a couple of committees during his time at the firm. The most notable one being the Japan Executive Committee.

Peter joined Fortress Investment Group in 2002 and has over the years risen through the ranks to be the co-chairman of its board and principal of the group. He oversaw the creation of the Fortress Credit business. He is currently in charge of its operations where he manages up to 300 employees. The operations of the group puts an emphasis on assets whose real value is not appreciated. The group also has a hand in the real estate business.

He pursued a bachelor of arts degree from Princeto University and later completed his MBA at the Penisylvania University. Numerous other institutions including schools, hospitals and companies have sought his services on their boards. In 2007, Fortress Investment Group joined the public market. Peter Briger earned close to $2 billion from the change in tact of the company making him a billionaire. He is a specialist in selling unwanted assets. He helps all his teams to embrace the ‘buy low sell high’ slogan that influences the returns of any business venture. He has also caused a notable difference in the distressed debt field.

He was part of the team that brought to life Golmann’s Special Situations group. Much of Goldmann’s revenue collection at the time was attributed to the group as it developed further under the leadership of Peter Bridger. Every financial crisis has been a blessing in disguise for the hedge fund manager. Whenever the crisis ends, the returns on assets are usually impressive as the unwanted assets can be sold at competitive prices.

He continues to make considerable profits especially those stemming from distressed assets. He hardly has any second thoughts on his plans and has been known to be opportunistic. Apart from his active financial career, Peter Bridger also freely gives back to the society. He has joined hands with the team involved in the conservation of the Central Park and contributes generously to their efforts. He is most passionate about dealing with poverty, education and children.