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Sanjay Shah is many things including a businessman, an expert investment consultant, as well as a philanthropist who is dedicated to now fund the research of autism, a development disorder, that is lacking in information for individuals located all over the world. Mr. Sanjay Shah Denmark is the father of a young boy who was diagnosed with autism in 2011. Though Mr. Shah has no intention of finding a cure for autism, his curiosity has been peaked to figure out not only how his son processes information, but also figure out the best way to communicate with his son in the future as his son grows up.

Sanjay Shah has always been dedicated to his family. As an investment expert, his decision to start his own investment firm was a decision that was made for his family. Mr. Shah not only wanted to pursue a career that he was passionate about, but also wanted a career that would support his family that he cherishes. As a result, Mr. Shah was inspired to create his own investment firm that is known as Solo Capital and is an investment firm that targets medium and small businesses. Mr. Shah’s overall goal is to earn the trust back of the public even after the international 2008 financial crisis which left so many people without a job or even without money.

With Mr. Shah’s success in the investment industry, he has wanted to give back by doing something that would also help his family. As his son was diagnosed with the development disorder, he wanted to understand how his son processed information more. The furthering of the research would not only help his family and the relationship that they have, but would also improve the relationship with other families with autistic family members.

The inspiration behind Autism Rocks is the love that Mr. Shah and his family share for music. As music lovers, Mr. Shah established a foundation that would host several events every year that would showcase worldwide celebrities that would encourage donations to the foundation. In just two years of being established, this foundation has been able to fund to research of autism and has brought information to the public about the research.


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  1. Mr. Shah loves his family and wants other parents to understand how their child communicates. As a result of this passion, Mr. Shah and his wife established a foundation known as Autism Rocks. That could be that is truly what many people need.

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