Rona Borre is Chicago’s Pride in the Business Environment of the City

When Rona Borre formed her new business, Instant Alliance, no one paid much attention because Rona just started without too much fanfare. It was not long however until word got out that this new company was the place to go to hire talented professionals in the finance and technological niches.

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And what was even more remarkable, the candidates were all good people with great track records. There was no need to have the HR department go through tens and hundreds of people as this Rona Borre girl had already done the screening. Rona’s reputation rose like a rocket and today she is the one that is asked to speak at many major events, and she is involved in so many local organizations it is impossible to name them all.

The secret to Rona’s approach is very simple, and it is a tactic that is seldom used on purpose by many of the larger staffing firms. It is the tactic called building relationships. This must be accomplished by the staffing company and the company who will be hiring the candidates. Rona wants to know everything about the client, its corporate culture and how a candidate needs to fit in. When this information is forthcoming, the rest is easy. Just find the right person and plug him or her in and you are done.  Check


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