Rodrigo Terpins; The Sertões Rally Wizard

It is always difficult to determine whether its sportsmanship or adrenaline chasing that keeps rally drivers going. There is strong evidence however that it’s a mixture of the two that makes a great rally drivers like Rodrigo Terpins. Rodrigo is a family member of great Brazilian sportsmen that includes his father Jack Terpins who is an accomplished basket baller and President of the South American Confederation and his brother Michel Terpins who like Rodrigo is a decorated rally driver. Growing up in a family full of sports achievers is without doubt bound to inspire somebody into focusing on great heights.

For a man who passionately began to pursue his ambition at a young age like Rodrigo, success is a must get by the time he’s 40 years old. And to say that Rodrigo Terpins hasn’t had his fairs share of success in the field is attempting not to give credit where it is well reserved. Rodrigo is a member of the Tea Bull Sertoes Rally Team, a team that he and his brother formed when he made his is debut in the T1 category. He and his team uses the T-Rex car that has enhanced performance features specifically developed for the team to handle all types of terrains.

The Sertões Rally is his major event and in which he has participated severally. Partnering with his team mate Fabricio Bianchini as his 22nd Sertões Rally edition navigator, they successfully traversed 2600Km taking them through two states and seven cities with different course designed to test mental and physical agility. With more than 200 different participants constituting thirty eight teams Rodrigo finished third and his team ranked 8th out of the teams participating.

In 2011, Rodrigo took part in the Mitsubishi Cup Championship where he partnered with Kaique Bentivoglio in the L200 Triton RS Handicap category. They came in second amassing 204 points. Like any rally driver Rodrigo and his brother are not about to quit rallying. Rodrigo has in fact that there still remains many challenging races that he has to participate before any thoughts of quitting cross his mind and as you can guess that is exactly what his fans want to hear.

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