Richard Dwayne Blair Investing Approach

Richard Dwayne Blair is a successful financial advisor who serves hundreds of clients each year. Unlike many financial advisors, Richard Dwayne Blair takes time to teach clients about different investing topics. He is passionate about helping clients with their finances. Most people struggle with various areas of their finances. By focusing on critical areas to improve, most people can drastically improve their financial position.

Richard Dwayne Blair focuses on a few areas with each client. His approach to building wealth is simple, but the plan works for people who follow it.

Reduce Fixed Expenses

One of the biggest reasons that people do not save and invest is that they spend too much money each month. The most significant expense for most people is housing. Housing costs may include a mortgage payment or rent. In many areas of the country, housing costs have increased drastically in recent years.

Many people also struggle with high levels of debt. Debt is hard to pay down, and it can create a financial mess without proper planning. The worst kind of debt is credit card debt. The average person has thousands of dollars in credit card debt. Richard Dwayne Blair encourages people to pay down all debt outside of a mortgage.

Increase Income

Richard Dwayne Blair is unique in that he also tells clients to increase their income. By working an extra job or starting a business, people can drastically improve their finances. There are more opportunities than ever to work an extra job to earn additional income.

Invest the Rest

With higher income and lower expenses, it is much easier for people to invest successfully. Investing a significant amount of money each month is critical to financial success. Most people worry about which investments to choose. Richard Dwayne Blair recommends choosing investment funds with a long track record of growth.

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