Perry Mandera Discusses How The Illinois Trucking Association Seeks Lower Taxes for Trucks

Last year, Perry Mandera wrote a blog post about how the Illinois Trucking Association (ITA) was seeking to lower taxes for trucks. The ITA was lobbying bills that would benefit the industry Perry Mandera is involved in, which is the transportation industry.

There is a sales tax on truck license plates, and one of the bills the ITA has supported would repeal the tax. The Commercial Distribution Fee is what the tax is formally known as.

The sales tax affects trucks or commercial vehicles that range from 8,001 pounds to 80,000 pounds. The commercial transportation takes on an additional $50 million (estimate) per year as a result of the tax. Not only that, but the ITA believes that revenue from the tax is funneled into the Illinois’ general fund, and that the revenue is not earmarked for various issues, such as the state police, roads and other transportation-related things.


About Perry Mandera

Perry Mandera is interested in the transportation industry because he runs a transportation company. He is the founder of the full-service transportation company called “The Custom Companies Inc,” which has its headquarters in Northlake, Illinois (Customco). He sits on the board of the ITA and he was once named as being one of the top 100 executives in the American transportation industry.

The businessman started his own transportation company after he gained experience working at a number of transportation companies. When Perry was just 23-years-old, he launched the company. A few years later, he decided to sell it. This proves that he is a businessman who knows what he’s doing and that he has the passion and drive to succeed.

He has other experience in the public sector, such as being the Ward Committeeman for Chicago’s 26th ward. This was back in 1984, and his span ended in 1988.

Perry Manera has a website. You can visit it if you want to learn more about him or his company.


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