Penn Relishes Creative Freedon with Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff

Sean Penn is not a fan of filmmaking anymore. In a recent interview he spoke of his lack of enthusiasm for his chosen craft. Penn has been an accomplished actor, director, and screenwriter for decades. His portfolio is filled with memorable movies, and he even has two Academy Awards warming his shelf. But he does like to collaborate. At least not anymore. Apparently working on any kind of film requires playing with others, and Penn is just not up to that anymore. So, he has turned to the literary world, where the only person he has to collaborate with is himself.


Penn has just penned a rather unorthodox novel titled “Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff”. The book is a satire that paints a dystopian painting of Americana. It follows the exploits of the title character, Bob Honey, as he sells sceptic tanks to Jehovah’s Witnesses and kills old people for the government. The book is definitely a unique slice of crazy, but like any respectable satire it contains nuggets of truth. That is to say, nuggets of the author’s voice that the reader can construe as truth. The work is an intermingled gathering of storytelling, ranting, and poetry that is definitely making a splash.


It is controversial splash, but a splash none the less. Penn’s book is getting panned for a four-page epilogue that seemingly calls out #MeToo. According to Penn the passage is being taken out of context, but it says some pretty slanderous things about the movement. Bob Honey also has some pointed references to current events, and President Donald Trump. The controversy is helping the book to sell, and so far, Penn has offered no apology.

When asked about his departure from acting, Penn simply said he enjoyed the freedom of writing more. As a screenwriter his work has to pass through a number of collaborators, all with the ability to change it a little. As a writer he turns it in to his editor, and then the book gets published. No middlemen, all Penn. He likes it that way.

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