Sheldon Lavin – The CEO and Chairman at OSI Group, LLC

The meat business profession of Sheldon Lavin was a step by step journey. Lavin entered the division more than 43 years ago as “pariah” in the wake of having a productive employment as an investor and worker in the monetary industry and having his personal financial consulting association. Starting the time, Lavin responsibility advanced into becoming Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of the OSI Group, LLC. Presently, he has managed to take his firm into another level where it became the global supplier of food items of different retail brands. OSI Group, LLC has various auxiliaries which include OSI International Foods, LLC and OSI Industries, LLC among others. OSI International, Inc. is the holding association for most of the OSI Group’s overall ventures. Learn More.

OSI Group has approximately 20,000 laborers throughout the globe, and Lavin is most satisfied with the workers and the corporate culture that he channeled down the association positions. He included that, “The way of life at OSI is to some degree exceptional – it’s family-orchestrated, and we have a monstrous measure of workforce”. Sheldon Lavin Receives 2015 Lifetime Achievement Award from RSM US LLP .

Lavin’s journey to meat industry accomplishment begun in 1970 when he orchestrated financing for Otto & Sons, the trailblazer association of OSI Industries, LLC. During the season, Otto & Sons had an opportunity to set up an office for meat handling. It is starting there that he became the Midwest hamburger supplier to McDonald Corporation, but needed help to get subsidizing. Therefore, Lavin was prescribed by the bank to get a place of possession with Otto and Sons; notwithstanding he at first declined the offer. That is due to the reason that was different from what he specialized in his consulting working. Lavin, regardless, consented to take the work of a consultant and set the stipulation with the Otto family. Anytime he came in as an associate, his financial venture would end up being at same leverage with his accomplices.

Later on, Lavin began involving more with Otto and children in 1975 as the organization began concentrating on worldwide venture and in this manner banded together with the two sons after their dad had resigned from business exercises. With the demand of McDonald, it is when Lavin chose to join the OSI Group on full time premise. for more .

Dr. Greg Finch Promotes Faster Recovery After Surgery

Dr. Greg Finch is involved in research to make orthopedic surgeries with as few incisions as can be possible. This will help to reduce healing time. It can even lead to patients getting the surgical procedures done without any need for hospitalization. This means that they can go home on the same day. Some body parts can be treated with these orthopedic surgeries being conducted by making use of arthroscopic techniques. They can help to repair any damaged tendons and ligaments. Besides, any soft tissue tears can be repaired this way that may have occurred in the knees, shoulders, besides the wrists, or hips.


Dr. Greg Finch specializes in surgical fusions. These are done for the spine in case of any degenerative disc disease being present there. In this case, two or more vertebrae are fused together. This way the area where the spine has been fused remains more stable.


Internal Fixations are typically used in ankles. Surgeons like Dr. Greg Finch make use of pins and screws to ensure that any broken joint can heal correctly.


A common joint replacement surgery is done for the knee or the hip. There can be a partial knee replacement or a full knee replacement. Else there can be a revision surgery. This is done in the case of any implanted device that had been done previously.


Dr. Greg Finch performs soft tissue surgeries. These are most commonly performed on the knee. These are also performed on the wrist, shoulders as well as elbows.


A certain amount of time is required to heal from orthopedic surgery. This tends to vary from patient to patient. Dr. Greg Finch promotes the use of arthroscopic techniques as this allows the patients to become mobile again much faster. He agrees that patients cannot be completely healthy right away after orthopedic surgery. Still, a commitment to following physical therapy along with various treatment options will help them to get back to their daily lives very soon.

Join The Moisture Revolution With EOS Lip Balm Products

Soft lips deserve amazing coverage that won’t jeopardize your natural luster. Get amazing smooth skin on your lips with EOS lip balm products. They guarantee to give your lips an amazing blend of coverage and moisture. More women are requesting all natural skin care therapy products and EOS lip balm products stand the test of time. Thousands of women around the world are choosing their products over leading competitors like Chapstick. They’re looking for more than a product that provides a temporary coating. EOS lip balm products heal and repair the skin while fighting against extreme temperatures and UV rays.

Are you looking for a popular brand of EOS lip balm products highly recommended by other users? Evolution of Smooth provides an amazing body butter and jojoba oil extract base that is packed with vitamins. They come with cool pastel packaging that is very easy to distinguish from their competitors with easy storage and use features. You can easily store Evolution of Smooth in your purse or pocket. Melt your senses with a unique blend of delectable flavors like Lemon Drop, sorbet, and Mint Kisser. Saturate your skin with an amazing lip formula that guarantees unique coverage on the go that last throughout your busy day.  Useful link here.

You’re invited to visit the detailed Evolution of Smooth website for more details and purchasing options, click on  . You get to take part in promotional offers for first-time customers that include free shipping. You get a completely hypoallergenic product that is safe to use for all skin types. Evolution of Smooth is also rich in vitamin C and E. Transform your dull dry lips and find the proper blend of protection against UV rays and extreme temperatures. Join the moisture revolution today with the benefits of EOS lip balm products. You’re invited to find your favorite blend by visiting the beauty care aisle of your favorite retailer today. Check now!

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Equities First And the Essence of Business Financing

To make profit it takes cash, so the celebrated saying goes. Associations need to consider their assets for their countless functions, stretching out from survival in testing conditions to strengthening working of the organization to another level. The manner in which you finance your business can impact your ability in hiring staff, purchasing stock, securing licenses, growing and advancement of the association. While assets are not by any means as basic as vision, they are basic to keep things working. It is by then you consider Equities First Holdings; a company that has been tried and true lender on the planet.

Starting Capital

Each new business interest needs seed money. Business proprietors have thoughts and dreams and until they have some cash is when they to able to attest their ideas. Despite whether it is the service or item, you will require a way to deal and convey the same and moreover seek enough money and time to put the premise of exchanging and setting up essential linkages. Most business people confront the fundamental choice between equity financing and obligation. A business loan from Equities First Holdings will abandon you from financial bondage and enable you to take the control of your premise while giving you the power to handle major business responsibilities. Your shares are used as security to seek working capital and there will be no reason for your business to stall out in transit. Thus, the essential choice about your financial management will impact the way in which your business will work from that point henceforth. Click Here for more news.

Debt Ratios

Financing is all the more concerning the funds in your hands. While most associations have some huge measures of obligations especially at the first stages, acquiring loans from merchants with high financing costs services might leave your business in more awful circumstances. Not at all like conventional loans, Equities First Holdings offers emergency and fast capital to people and firms to begin and build up their organizations.,34.htm for more .

Is Europe Slowing Down? According to James Dondero

Brexit, PIIGS and continual troubles in the European Union have made some investors scared. Sure, the Greek sovereign debt offers a big pay day – if they repay their loans. But, what if they run out of money? What does Highland Capital President James Dondero think? Is Europe slowing down?


“Is Europe Floundering?”


All empires fall when they can’t solve the next problem. The problem with the European Union is that they might have a dozen unresolved issues. Investment Professional George Soros suggested that the EU was on verge of collapse in 2016. This was before Brexit. So what does Investment Professional James Dondero think?


When Barrons asked James Dondero about Europe, he said the following: “We think Europe continues to slow down. I think European equities have played out over the last six months and have a few more months to run, at most. That pertains to high-risk debt also. You are seeing shrinking credit demand, and when the European Central Bank starts regulating the banks in the fourth quarter, there will be more pressure on lending. The strong currency is crimping manufacturing in Europe. The euro and Europe’s economy are vulnerable.” James Dondero does not mince words.


He has basically presented some of the key problems in the European Union: strong currency and banking insolvency. They can’t win. A strong euro destroys manufacturing and exports. The EU can’t grow with that scenario and unfortunately, many European nations are seeing declining GDPs.


“Can Europe Recover?”


Instead of investing in Europe, James Dondero chose South America – Argentina. The US dollar dominates the region, which makes it possible for Argentina and other nations to export cheap goods. This allows them to increase their growth rates. South America traditionally has higher interest rates than Europe also.


“Reasoning Mind = Mathematics + Computers”


Low income Dallas school children can benefit from one of James Dondero’s charities, called “Reasoning Mind.” This provides computers for math classes from pre-kindergarten through the seventh grade. Europe might be slowing down, but thanks to Jim Dondero, Dallas youth are speeding up.


more about jim dondero here.

Chris Burch, the Transformational Epitome Of Entrepreneurship

The $30 million hostel renovation on Sumba Island birthed an outstanding five-star resort. The resort was ranked the best hotel in the world according to Travel + Leisure, in the Year 2016.The brilliant grand re-opening of the Amazing Nihiwatu hotel was the resulting brainchild of the successful duo; Fashion Mogul Chris Burch, and Hotelier James McBride. Chris Burch, the formerly active business investor and co-founder of luxury fashion brand, Tory Burch, is the chief executive officer and founder of Burch creative capital, for more details, visit their website on

Burch was born on 28th of March 1953; his father put him to work at a construction at the age of 13. When He got to college, his drive to make money got Him selling Hotdogs at football games and sweaters from door to door. His learning disability became his stepping stone, enabling Him to focus more on creating new ideas and concepts which positively impacted over 50 companies by the 40th year of His career.  Related article here.

Chris Burch, a Miami resident, has had 13 investments in 12 companies. His keen sense of Sales and Marketing as a key strength has pushed Mr. Burch to the spotlight over the decades, together with his unwavering devotion to the power of Branding. His services have impacted the market to great extents, with products ranging from spanned attire and financial services to hospitality, technology, consumer goods and real estate. Among these are; Eagle’s eye apparel, which grew from a capital of 2000$ to a net worth of $165million, before He sold it, Voss Water, Ellen DeGeneres, Cocoon9, and Poppin, check this on

Nihiwatu Hotel, his greatest investment, also nicknamed as Edge of the Wilderness or mortar stone, is now the largest employer on the island. In a bid to give back to the community, Nihiwatu sets aside part of its profits to give to the Sumba Foundation, which funds projects to help the surrounding Sumba society. It has 27 private villas, each with its plunge pool providing a beautiful view of Nihi Beach and the Indian Ocean. As part of his endeavors, Chris Burch desires to create a path or a road of success for others. More on

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Wengie’s Draw My Life

Born in China in January of 1986, Wengie’s parents left for Australia when she was still very young; she was placed in the care of her grandparents until she was four years old. At this time, her grandfather brought her to Melbourne to be reunited with her parents. Upon arriving at her parent’s home, she cried and pleaded with her grandfather to take her back home to China.


Since her parents were just getting on their feet, the family was poor, and Wengie had many make-shift toys and playthings. At age seven, her parents got new jobs and moved the family to a nicer home in Sydney; her introverted and shy nature made it difficult for her to make friends. By high school, Wengie sought out friends and attention, trying to be as outgoing as possible.


As her high school years came to a close, she welcomed her baby brother Jim into the world. Wengie received a scholarship to attend university. Her family pushed her to pursue a career in accounting. At twenty four, she got a job at a large firm and moved into her own home.


A few years later, she resigned and began seeking a more creative position, and this is when she became a social media consultant. She mostly enjoyed the position, but the hours were long. She decided to create her own fashion and lifestyle blog to practice her skills and do something she loved. She launched her YouTube Channel in February of 201, and in August of 2015, she got engaged to her now Husband, Max.



Christopher Burch the Investor and the Entrepreneur

Born in Miami, March 28, 1953, Christopher Burch is an impactful leader who has been remarkable over the years with his achievements. One of such is his creative coming up with Burch Creative Capital. He is the founder and its Chief Executive Officer. It is a company that majorly deals with developing people’s brands and at the same time managing venture investments. It gives people advice on how to create their brand and make an impact in the business world. This shows the entrepreneurial side of Burch, and with the extensive experience he has, it is evident of his expertise. He has invested In over 50 companies; it is a clear indication of his ability to identify and screen through investments.

Chris Burch has written various articles on how to create an impression and ensuring a high efficiency as the employee. His company advises on how to bring about creative productivity at a go. He emphasizes that when you come up with an idea; make sure you note it down. It will act as a motivator to be more productive and come up with unique ideas that you will be able to research and work on them.

His diversity is apparent in his investments where he has invested in areas like real estate, technology companies, and the hospitality sector. An outstanding partnership was in 2014 when he launched ED BY Ellen DeGeneres who was a lifestyle brand for Ellen DeGeneres-an entertainer. Also, he also founded several companies, for example, C. Wonder and Tory Burch. Check on

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The year 2012 was an exciting year for Burch since he and James McBride who is an hotelier by profession bought out a beach hotel in Indonesia-Sumba. From there, he refurbished it and built a high-profile five-star hotel which he named Nihiwatu and reopened it in 2015.Nihiwatu means mortar stone. One of the unique features of Nihiwatu is that it has 27 well-built private villas with pools each. Also, it has two two-storeyed tree houses which are linked up by a bridge made of bamboo. It is a magnificent place to be. A one bedroom villa during the low season goes for $750 per night. Burch Says that they have future expansion plans to explore Nicaragua and Costa Rica too.

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Burch is philanthropic, and one evidence is that he gives back to the community. One sure way is that some of the profits from Nihiwatu are plowed back to the Sumba Foundation. The foundation was founded in 2001 by Claude Graves and Sean Downs. It gives back to the community regarding helping people access medical care and creating employment opportunities for them.  Learn more on

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The Business Strategy behind Clay B. Siegall Laudable Achievements

People excel by having access to secrets. These so-called secrets are not actually what they are called. It is the unrelenting adherence of individuals to them that make them one. Everybody may have access to them, but not everybody can hold-on to them in trying situations. Call them strategies, you will not be wrong. Clay B. Siegall has one strategy that has kept him going all these years. I got to know it when he was responding to questions in a recent interview. In his words, “Learn as much as you can; interact with very smart people who have expertise in many areas.” Narrowing this strategy to his profession, he put it this way: “An important component of our business strategy is collaborating with other industry leaders and innovators in oncology drug development.” He never sees himself or the company he runs as a island of knowledge, but can we find instances where he put this strategy into practice?


Clay B. Siegall holds a doctorate degree in Genetics from George Washington University. He is a Co-founder as well as the President, Chief Executive Officer and Board Chairman of Seattle Genetics since the inception of company in 1998. Being a specialist on targeted cancer therapies, Dr. Siegall entrenched into the fibers of the company a tradition of rigorous research, scientific innovation, drug development practices and unrelenting passion for assisting patients. Under his watch, the company has developed a number of effective antibody-drug conjugates (ADCs) with the FDA in 2011 approving the company’s first ADC product by the name ADCETRIS® (brentuximab vedotin). Thereafter, the company went into collaboration with Takeda Pharmaceutical Company making the drug a global brand available in over 65 countries.


Seattle Genetics has been involved in multiple strategic licenses for the purpose of financing its ADC technology. The company has had corporate agreements with companies such as Pfizer, GlaxoSmithKline, AbbVie and Genetics (Roche) generating well beyond $350 million. With the help of its numerous internal and collaborator programs, over 20 ADCs are in clinical development stages using Seattle Genetics’ technology.


Clay B. Siegall is one of the few indispensable hands combating the monster called cancer and providing hope of the eventual obliteration of the disease from planet earth.


EOS Crushes Chapstick by Targeting Milennials

When a company tries to sell its product in an overly saturated market, it has to do one fo three things. It has to decrease the price to a ridiculous level, reward the customers like crazy or offer something that’s so revolutionary that it takes the world of consumers by storm. EOS didn’t take option one or two. It ventured into an area that creators before them were too afraid to travel. It dared to be different than all the rest. The move that EOS lip balm made about seven years ago proved to be the smartest move that they could have ever made. The company now sells a consistent 1 million containers of lip balm each week, and it expects to continue that rhythm. It has surpassed Chapstick in its sales and has taken its crown as the top lip balm seller on Walmart. Burt’s Bees is the only provider standing in the way of this company at this time.

The co-founder of the company believes that its success came from the target market that they chose. They focused on fashion-conscious women who were 35 years old and under. Such women seem to be the consumers who are most fascinated with the product. Miley Cyrus and Kim Kardashian fit into that category, and they are some of the product’s most faithful advocates. Their fans are in that age bracket, as well, and they are some of the most enthusiastic buyers of them all.

Shoppers enjoy matching the lip balm with their clothing and making a fashion ensemble. The founder’s vision worked as planned, and the company has been quite fruitful. Overall sales have soared past $250 million, and the company expects that the trend will continue to move forward at the same or a faster pace. The manufacturers will continue to come out with new captivating products, dazzle the world, and break away from the norm in the makeup and lip balm industries. For more information, visit