Hussain Sajwani Invests in Strong Networking for the Growth of DAMAC Properties

Successful entrepreneurs understand that the lifeblood of their businesses relies on their ability to create viable and reliable entrepreneurial networks. Moreover, they understand that network marketing is essential to the development of their businesses. Therefore, they take it upon themselves to establish a platform that will help them in leveraging their products in the industry. One such entrepreneur that has managed to apply his business skills in fostering strong entrepreneurial networks is Hussain Sajwani, the DAMAC owner. Also known as a billionaire and a real estate mogul, he has managed to work with the likes of President Donald Trump and Tiger Woods in a project dubbed the Trump Golf Courses.

His Early Life

While Sajwani is currently successful, it took him a lot of time and confidence to delve into various choices. For starters, he was raised by his father in the busy city of Dubai where he managed the family business for some time. In the business, his father specialized in the sale of stationery, shirts and other varied personal use items, especially for men. Other than that, his father dedicated most of his days to mentoring his son into becoming a businessman. With time, Sajwani became a master of the business and his clients preferred dealing with him because of his ability to interact more and find out what they needed in terms of supply and demand. Within a few years of working as the manager at the shop and garnering vast experience, Sajwani quit pursuing education. First of all, he enrolled for medicine in one of Baghdad’s leading training institutions. However, being the explorer that he usually was, he decided to pursue another course in America where he won a full education scholarship.


Joining the Washington University, Hussain Sajwani, the DAMAC owner majored in economics alongside engineering. With his combination, he was competent to practice in business and technology industries. Therefore, after school, he got a job as a credit manager at GASCO. There, he invested in strong relationships that would later toss him into the food catering business. Of course, he aspired to work as a sole proprietor. Therefore, that was an opportunity to establish a strong career platform in business. A few years into the catering business, the DAMAC owner decided to establish DAMAC Properties.

DAMAC Properties

In 2017, Hussain Sajwani was named the leading entrepreneur in real estate. This title was linked to his successful leadership skills in DAMAC Properties. So far, the company has served more than 20, 000 clients in the Middle East. Even so, Hussain the DAMAC owner has not stopped pursuing business deals in the United States of America. There, he has been working with Donald Trump with the major intention of spreading DAMAC’s presence across America.

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The Team behind the Success of Fortress Investment Group

Fortress investment group is a company in San Francisco, California that deals with global investment management. It is a world leader in this field. Peter Briger is the man behind this successful company. He is the Co-Chairman of the Board of Directors and the Principal at the company. Peter Briger has an essential background in his career. Peter, the professional business leader, received his degree from Princeton University and obtained a Masters from Pennsylvania University in Business Administration at Wharton School of Business. He has served for fifteen years as a partner at Goldman Sachs since 1996. His tasks were to oversee operations in some business areas and serve on committees like the Global Control and Compliance Committee and Asian Management Committee.

The experience at Goldman Sachs helped Peter to become an expert in the financial world. Responsibilities like co-heading of the firm’s Fixed Income Principal Investments Group and Whole Loan Sales and Trading business have played a part. In March 2002, Peter joined Fortress Investment Group management committee. He was part of the Fortress board of directors since November 2006 and was later on elected Co-Chairman in August 2009. His primary responsibility at Fortress is dealing with the Real Estate and credit business.The Fortress Investment Group has a team of around three hundred employees who keep it on the move. Working at Fortress is like a dream come true because the environment is conducive to growth and the team is welcoming. They do not discriminate while hiring as they consider qualifications and not preferences, age, gender or religion.

According to Forbes in September 2007, Peter Briger was number 317 on the Forbes List of Billionaires. Peter and other two Princeton University Alumni established a pilot funding program to assist recent University alumni entrepreneurs and their startup companies in 2015. Peter Briger has more to his profile than a successful business person does. He is involved in various humanitarian causes and community development initiatives. Peter is a member on multiple boards like the Council on Foreign Relations, the Tipping Point board in San Francisco, Caliber Schools, which prepare students for achievements in colleges and life in general. Also, he is on the Silicon Valley Leadership Council for the Global Fund for Children. Peter has given his thoughts on Wall Street joining the bitcoin business. He thinks that it is a worthy risk to venture into, as it is the new way of business.

Wes Edens Is A Proven Winner And He Is Conquering The World Of E-Sports

If there is one common thread in the career of Wes Edens, it is his ability to leverage every opportunity to the fullest extent. Ever since he graduated from Oregon State with a business and finance administration degree, he has made his way from organization to organization and always leaves companies in a better position than when he started.After cutting his teeth with Lehman Brothers as a managing director and a partner, he became a member of the BlackRock private equity team. These experiences shaped his mindset going forward and when he left BlackRock to found the Fortress Investment Group, he was well positioned to push the company forward.He was one of five partners to found Fortress Investment Group and it would soon become apparent that Wes Edens had a knack for choosing winners. His contrarian betting style and willingness to step outside of the box allowed Fortress Investment Group to prosper and become a billion dollar enterprise.

When the company’s stock price dipped beneath one dollar, Wes Edens came up with the plan that would reverse these fortunes. The subprime mortgage crisis was the cause of the issues and to remedy the problem, he had a simple solution: offering subprime lending.Fortress made him the chairman of their Transportation and Infrastructure Investors LLC as well. By the time he stepped down from this post, he had become a billionaire on paper and was taking home $54 million in take home pay each year, according to BizJournals reports.These experiences allowed Wes Edens to acquire the knowledge he would need to make the next big step. He has become a co-owner of the NBA’s Milwaukee Bucks and after nearly doubling the franchise’s initial valuation in short order, he’s now set his sight on the world of e-sports.

After investing in a League of Legends team initially, he has expanded his interests even further. Edens is launching an e-sports brand that all his own. FlyQuest is a league that will provide a home for the team that he has already purchased and further expansions are planned.Now that the NBA is embracing the world of console gaming, professional NBA 2K teams are being assembled and Wes Edens has already staked his claim. The Bucks are one of 16 teams that are prepared to participate. With a track record like Edens, it would be foolish to bet against him as he continues to make a name for himself in the e-sports universe.

IDLife Gives the Individual Touch to a Healthy Life

Weight is something many of us struggle with daily. Excess weight can lead to a myriad of other issues such as diabetes, heart disease, knee problems, and more. It can be overwhelming looking at all the products available on the internet and deciding which one might be right for you. Many of us have tried diet products, just to be disappointed and feel like we threw money in the garbage. There is a product available that is different from all the other one size fits all products sold on the market. IDLife is changing the industry by providing products that meet each individual’s dietary needs. Individually Designed Life is what IDLife stands for, and they are serious about meeting your individual needs and more

IDLife has each prospective customer fill out a completely confidential, and free, health assessment. The questionnaire is compliant with HIPAA regulations, so you can be confident that your information will be kept private. The questionnaire will address your diet, lifestyle, current physical, medical issues, medications and more, It is important to answer these questions honestly and to the best of your ability because they are used to create a personalized, scientifically based, list of recommendations to allow IDLife to create a personalized vitamin program for you. You can be confident that IDLife uses high-quality ingredients for its products. Unnecessary fillers and additives are left out, so you are getting exactly what your body needs with no unnecessary extras.

If you are worried about the investment into IDLife, you can be confident because IDLife offers a 30-day money back guarantee if you are unhappy with their product. IDLife products span products for skincare, energy, sleep, nutrition, shakes, hydration, energy, and even products for kids. There are also vegan options available. If you are looking for the individual touch, this is the product for you.

Equities First Holdings News Shares That The Company Is Europe’s Leader

Founded in the United States, Equities First Holdings has quickly become well loved across the globe. In the news, it is shared that Equities First Holdings has become Europe’s leader when it comes to stock-based loans. The company is innovative was it operates across the globe, reaching people in cities like Sydney and Bangkok. The company has dealt with one and a half billion dollars. Many are impressed that the company has been able to sustain itself through harsh economic times. It is run in a modern way and has made a big difference for financial companies and individuals around the world.

Create Your Own Make Up With Wengie

The wonderful Wengie is a well known youtuber; she has over 7.2 millions of subscribers on her channel. She focus mostly on beauty content like: DIY’s, hacks, makeup tutorials, healthy lifestyle, and traveling. She does plenty of DIY’s, but one of the most beneficial is creating your own make up! It can save you a lot of money, and you could add the colors you desire for yourself.

Thanks to Wendy, you can create your own make up art. In this article you will be able to learn how to create your own lip tints, contour, blush, eyeliner, and lip balm without the excessive chemicals make up normally has.

Creating Process

Lip Tint

Things you will need:

  • Aloe Vera Gel
  • Food Coloring
  • Essential Oil
  • Empty Container

Take an amount of Aloe Vera gel, equal the amount of tint you desire, and add the food coloring to the Aloe Vera; mix them together, and add more tint until you get the desired look. You can add drops peppermint oil or honey to make it smell nicer.


Things you will need:

  • Cocoa powder
  • Cornstarch or Baby Powder
  • Essential Oil
  • Empty Compact

Add cocoa powder to a bowl, and add cornstarch, or baby powder to find the shade you will like; the cornstarch, and baby powder helps to lighten the color. You can use it as a powder, or add the desired essential oil to make a creamier texture.

If you will be adding the Essential Oil, is recommended to throw in some Alcohol, and put the mixture in a container. The alcohol will help to compact properly the mixture, it does not affect your skin. You can let it air dry, or use the hair drier if you want to speed things up.


Things you will need:

  • Crayons
  • Coconut Oil
  • Bees Wax
  • Empty Compact

Add a candle, or double boiler underneath the bowl. Then, add teaspoon of Bees Wax, and two teaspoons of coconut oil. The more Bees Wax, the harder the texture; the more coconut oil, the softer the texture.

Pick the color of crayons you desire; break the crayons into pieces so it will be easier to melt. The more crayon you add, the more pigmented it will be. Wait for the crayons to melt, and add to the compact when is done.


Things you will need:

  • Activated Charcoal
  • Aloe Vera Ge
  • Coconut Oil
  • Empty Container

Add a teaspoon of Aloe Vera gel, and very little amount of coconut oil. Otherwise, it will be too oily. Then, add 2-3 teaspoons of activated charcoal, and start to mix. If you desire a different texture, you can adjust it. Add to the container when done.

Lip Balm

Thins you will need:

  • Coconut Oil
  • Bees Wax
  • Vitamin E
  • EOS Container
  • Lipstick

Add a candle, or double boiler underneath the bowl. Then, add two teaspoons of Bees Wax, two teaspoons of coconut oil, and a teaspoon of Vitamin E. You can add a piece of a lipstick or choice, and melt it with the other products. When done, add the mixture to the EOS Container.  For an additional article, check





Arpaio Faces Jail Time

We Americans often pride ourselves in the area of progress. We like to think that every year we are better than the year prior. Every generation likes to feel and think that they have fixed the errors and the wrongs of the previous generation. Unfortunately, that cannot be said for all areas of the current generation. Still in the United States of America we frown upon immigrants coming to this country. Read more: Michael Lacey | LinkedIn and Michael Lacey | Twitter

Still we are in the days where an immigrant is looked upon as if they are inferior. Luckily, there are people in this new generation who are taking up arms against the ludicrous idea that immigrants do not belong in the United States of America.

Michael and Jim have used their wider resources in order to teach America on the need for immigration implementation programs. Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin graduated from university together where they ran the University paper.

They ran the paper so well that it’s readership grew to at least 1 million people. It became so profitable that they did not attend graduate school but continues operating the newspaper.

They are both the owners of the Village Voice Media. They publish a monthly newsletter called the Front Page Confidential, which is geared toward protecting our first amendment rights, and live Phoenix News Times which continues to speak about immigration reform.

On top of immigration reform, the Phoenix News Times also details the criminal activity being conducted toward the immigration population. With over 9 million readers, the voices of Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin carry far.

Their most vicious opponent is Joseph Arpaio. Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin seek to reveal his evil to the world. They hate that this man is in that position of power being the Sheriff of the Maricopa County Police Department. They have seen firsthand the viciousness of this man toward illegal immigrants.

Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin have extensively reported on how he led the Maricopa County Police Department to racially profile Hispanics, ordered security guards to beat Hispanics in the prisons, worked Hispanic men to the point that they are nearly dead, the ninth Hispanic women healthcare which resulted in their children dying, and running his prisons like a Siberian concentration camp.

Sheriff Joseph Arpaio would personally go after Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin. Upholding the law was not his passion. Rather, his passion was promoting himself in his own ideals. He would like to the judges and secure an unlawful warrant which he would then used to arrest Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin.

The levels of unlawfulness in this procedure is astounding. The main violation though was a violation of the First Amendment right as well as the Fifth Amendment.

Ultimately, Lacey and Larkin would be awarded a hefty settlement would you be used to start their own nonprofit organization. They are the proud sponsors of the Lacey and Larkin Frontera Fund. This nonprofit empowers other activists fight on behalf of immigrants coming to this great country.

Nick Vertucci – Starting a Career in Real Estate

On September 22, 2017, Ideamensch posted an article from an interview of Nick Vertucci, the founder of NV Real Estate Academy. In this article, some key business insight from the real estate investor was discussed along with some heart felt details about his upbringing. Nick would manage to over come the odds and become a sheer success.

About NV Real Estate

This business has an very interesting history behind it as to how it came to be. But, as far as what it offers to its students is priceless. The biggest challenges that real estate investors face, Nick has overcame. In his academy, he reveals the secrets of becoming extremely successful in real estate investing. Students are graced with key resources pertaining both the education and active investing. Nick challenges students to make millions in real estate, just like he did.

The Humble Beginnings for Nick Vertucci

Nick grew up in a family that struggled financially. His parents were loving indeed, did the best they could to raise their kids, including Nick, but they just couldn’t make it pass that financial burden hump that stood in their way. Matters would worsen. When Nick was 10, his dad would pass away. His mom would have to work two jobs and Nick would barely see her as a result. When Nick was 18, he lived in his van. He couldn’t see himself living in this condition any longer so he decided to start a computer sales business.

Things Started to Take a Turn for the Better

Nick’s computer sales business would thrive. He would accumulate enough wealth to get him out of his current situation of homelessness. He would build his business to substantial measures. During this time, he would get married and have three kids. But, a pitfall would cause the business to die.

Nick Vertucci Falls Into a Hole

Nick’s business would die during the 2000 dot com crash. He would lose nearly everything. A complete disappointment this was, but lucky for Nick he had some pretty resourceful friends.

A Step in a New Direction

Nick would get invited to a real estate academy. While in this academy, he would get deeply inspired to start a career in real estate and so he did.

A New Light

Nick Vertucci would build a real estate business and get out of the debt that he was in due to the 2000 dot com crash. He would specialize in buying single family rentals, rehabbing them and renting them out. He would then offer his properties to investors and sell them by the thousands through his own radio show, “The Real Estate Investing Hour”.

Business Insight

Nick Vertucci believes in four sayings that brings ideas to life: “See It”, “Believe It”, “Map It” and “Execute It”.

Rodrigo Terpins Shares Success Secrets

He is one of the most cherished and celebrated rally heroes that Brazil has ever produced. The 41-year-old Rodrigo Terpins is a graduate of Management and Corporate Governance. He is also the Senior Director of T5 Partipacoes Company. What strikes his friends and foes the most is the way he manages to juggle his busy career as a corporate executive and rallying. He is one of the best prototype T1 Rally drivers. He is often sailed by his elder brother Michel Terpins. Michel is also a polished driver in his own right. Both Rodrigo and Michel are members of the same Bull Sertoes Rally team. Rodrigo considers his brother Michel as his mentor in rallying.



Rodrigo Terpins’ Background



He was born in Sao Paulo in the mid-70s. He is said to have developed a special liking for cars. He is still a close friend of the automobile even now. Rodrigo Terpins grew up as a disciplined young man. He attended St. Hilaire University for his studies in Management and Corporate Governance. It is evident from the way he manages his work at T5 Partipacoes that he applies the skills he learned at the university well. He comes from a family of heroes too. He has two brothers who are also rally drivers. Rodrigo’s company T5 Partipacoes is the main organizer of the prototype T1 rallies that Rodrigo Terpins is most known for. He has been rising in his rallying expertise so much so that he has put Brazil back on the world rallying scene. He has out-competed many drivers of international repute. In the recent Bull Sertoes rally, Rodrigo Terpins emerged number 6 with a time of 58 minutes and 9 seconds. He was close on the back of his elder brother who emerged 5th in the race. Bull Sertoes Rally is a much tougher one that has many off-road stretches. You can visit for more info.




His Views



Owing to the fact that Rodrigo Terpins has become a star, he is commonly invited by media houses for interviews. In one of the recent ones, Rodrigo observes that it is his self-discipline that has propelled him to his success. He also notes that he has received a lot of support from his family and his siblings. He picks out Michel Terpins as his mentor in rallying. Rodrigo also advices younger rally drivers trying to make a mark to be patient and use every rally as a learning point for future better performance.




U.S. Money Reserve Tells The World About Gold And Silver’s Upcoming Performance In The Rest Of 2018

What’s going to happen to gold and silver throughout the rest of 2018? In the next eight months, the pair of precious metals – they’re inherently different by the way, with the exception that both have risen in value over recent years – is most likely to stay relatively true to its price from May 2018 through December 2018.

But what’s going to change the price of gold and silver? According to the pros at U.S. Money Reserve, 2018 will be chock-full of drivers behind the swings in price. Learn more about US Money Reserve: and

Let’s check those out, and some price ranges that financial institutions have predicted for 2018’s treatment of gold and silver.

Trends that could change gold price

Whenever war or serious tensions go on for some time, the price of gold typically rises. So, if North Korea gets into a war – and I hope the country doesn’t – or Syria’s government and citizenry civil war any further, or if any other major conflicts happen, for that matter, gold should rise.

The dollar is low, which means that gold is high. The low price of the dollar isn’t going anywhere, meaning relatively good outlooks for the world’s most popular precious metal.

Silver should stay between $15.60 and $19.10 per ounce

Solar panels and computer technology are both incredibly, fiery-hot products, and both of them require silver. If production goes up for either one, or both, silver should go up, too.

The background of U.S. Money Reserve

In 2001, U.S. Reserve was founded by a handful of experts in both the precious metals and financial services industries, and has since grown into serving some 400,000-plus clients around the nation.

Readers may find that U.S. Money Reserve might ring a bill; its commercials are often perpetuated on MSNBC and other financial markets channels on television. Read more: US Money Reserve | Twitter and US Money Reserve | LinkedIn

Those who haven’t seen its commercials are likely to have at least read some of the company’s blog posts, which are crafted with the intent to help hopeful investors, retirees, and others simply interested in owning rare coins or pure, precious gold, silver, platinum, and sometimes other precious metals.

U.S. Reserve’s current leader is the 35th director of the United States Mint – the government agency that’s responsible for just about all things related to creating new coins and brand-new styles – Mr. Philip N. Diehl, who’s also an executive of the financial services sector, in general.