Avaaz: activists taking global action

Avaaz is a civic organization that caters to the world. Avaaz means “voice” in several different languages such as Asian, European and Middle Eastern. It originated in New York and is U.S. based. It was founded by Ricken Patel in January of 2007 along with the help of Res Publica and six other co-founders. The co-founders include Tom Perriello, Tom Pravda, Andrea Woodhouse, Eli Pariser, David Madden and Jeremy Helmans. Avaaz has also been backed up by MoveOn.org and Service Employees International Union who are considered foundering partners. Avaaz is a network that was created for citizens worldwide to take action on the issues they care about the most. has a committed online following with a global community of over forty-five million members from one hundred ninety-four countries. “The world in action” group conducts petitions, rallies, sit-ins, phone-ins, campaigns, flash mobs and fundraisers to help various situations worldwide. They are vocal advocates when it comes to climate change, world peace, global poverty, human rights, animal rights, corruption, morality and other conflicts. Their campaigns are ran by a team of employees working out of thirty different countries. The campaigns are created through suggestions which are aided by a team of campaigners and member created petitions. Since 2009, they have relied heavily upon the donations of their members and no longer accept funding as they previously did from corporations and foundations. Avaaz bridges the gap between separate cultures and unites people from all walks of life that are looking to make the world a better place.

The Career of Susan McGalla

Susan McGalla is a businesswoman from Pittsburg, Pennsylvania. She is currently the Vice President of Business Strategy and Creative Development at The Pittsburg Steelers, LLC. Prior to this, Susan McGalla held a management position at American Eagle Outfitters, where she was also promoted to President near the end of her tenure with the company. As president of the company, she oversaw the launch of aerie and 77kids, the company’s kids’ brands. As founder of P3 Executive Consulting, Ms. McGalla has extensive expertise in the fashion industry.

Another of Susan McGalla’s prior positions include the role of CEO of Wet Seal. She also provides marketing, retail, and fashion consulting services. Another of her roles includes sitting on the boards of HFF, Inc., a commercial services real estate company, and the Magee-Women’s Hospital Research Institute and Foundation. Ms. McGalla is director of the Allegheny Conference on Community Development.

Born and raised in East Liverpool, Ohio, Susan McGalla earned a bachelor’s degree in business and marketing from Mount Union College and is currently serving on the Board of Advisors.

Susan McGalla is a strong supporter of women in business, and she has given many speeches on the topic. She has spoken in front of the Women and Girl’s Foundation of Pittsburg, and Carnegie Mellon University Speaker Series for CEO’s. She has experience working in predominately male companies and does not feel that women should be cut slack based on their gender. She is successful working with both men and women and encourages others to feel the same.

Bruce Bent II; A Leader and Financial Expert

Bruce Bent II is the president of Double Rock Corporation. This is a financial company that offers technology solutions. It provides its services through the different subsidiary companies that it owns. Bent is involved with all the subsidiary companies under Rockwood as a senior executive. These companies include Island Intellectual Property that deals with patent licensing and Access Control Advantage that provides financial solutions for the retirement landscape. Bent II studied at Northeastern University and graduated with a philosophy degree. He is an innovator and holds several patents for his role in developing novel cash management strategies. His efforts have been instrumental in the growth of the cash management sector into a trillion dollar industry.

Bent served as the CEO of The Reserve for close to twenty years. This is a money market mutual fund. It was one of the largest money market funds in the world. He oversaw the liquidation of some of the assets of the firm and subsidiaries during the economic crisis. He was responsible for managing the hundreds of employees including sales professionals who were stationed around the country. He grew its products from four billion dollars to more than a hundred billion during his time. Bent was also instrumental in growing the annualized revenue to $150 million. His success led him to be featured in the Leadership Secrets of the World’s Most Successful CEOs. Bent has been featured in leading media outlets including the New York Times, the World Journal, and the Financial Times.

Bent is involved with the Young Presidents’ Organization that connects global business leaders from around the world. He sits on the board of 99 Jane Street Condominium Association. Bent said that his stubbornness is what makes him more productive. He notes that no one likes to be turned down, but this means that you should try a different route instead of giving up. He spends most of his days meeting up with partners and connecting with customers. Bent is proud of the fact that he can work from his phone or his computer. He is not tied down to a desk.

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Omar Yunes Represents the Mexican Franchisee in Italy and Bags the Big Award

The curtains for the first ever Franchisee of the World Award Mexico edition came down in a colorful ceremony with Omar Yunes franchisee of Sushi Itto and Ivan Tamer franchisee of Prendamex given the opportunity to represent the country in the worldwide competition in Florence, Italy. Franchisee of the World Award is an annual event that seeks to recognize and appreciate the contributions of individual franchisees to the overall brand. The franchisees are evaluated based on their leadership, employee motivation, and improvements made to the original brand.

Omar Yunes has been effective in the overall growth and prosperity of the famous Japanese food chain, a fact that the brand’s CEO, Benjamin Cancelmo, confirms and is proud of. Mr. Yunes’ interest in the brand started at a young age, precisely 21 years. With only one Sushi Itto food chain ownership, Omar Yunes has risen to have 13 food chains in Mexico City, Veracruz, and Puebla.

Out of the 34 countries representatives, Omar Yunes was able to stand out, winning both the admiration of his franchise and jury. From a single franchise brand, Omar Yunes has been able to build on the network and model of his franchising business, allowing him to expand his ownership to 13 food chains. Additionally, he has also improved his relationship with the franchise through his commitment to excellent services and hospitality that have guaranteed satisfaction of their customers.

The award received by Omar Yunes is not only a personal achievement but also the country’s success. According to Diego Elizarrarrás, one of the organizers of the event, the award is proof enough that the Mexican economy is ready to accept international franchise brands. With the BFW award being the start, more is to be expected from both Omar Yunes and the Mexican franchising industry.

About Omar Yunes
Omar Yunes is a very important figure when it comes the franchising industry. He has been able to lead Sushi Itto to a reputable brand in the Mexican economy. While dong this, he has been able to positively impact on the life of 400 people by creating job opportunities for them. Mr. Omar is a strong believer in people and has substantially invested in empowering his employees thus achieving the success that he enjoys today.

EOS Gives Customers Something They Didn’t Know They Needed

For years, people were content with the options that they had for lip balm products. The Chapstick brand and twist cylinders were enough for them but EOS recognized that this was a market that needed some change brought to it. The company wanted people to have a choice in the products that they could use as lip balm and made the choice to bring new products to the market. They came up with the idea of EOS Lip Balm thanks to the design of the product. It was something that allowed them the chance to perform better than Chapstick. No other brand had ever done that in the past. Follow more news here on frenchtribune.com.

As EOS began to grow, they expanded their line. They added fresh and new scents to the options that they had. They collaborated with stores and they even made new products that were meant to help keep other areas of the body smooth. Now, in addition to their lip balm products, EOS offers hand lotion and shaving cream that people can use when they want a change of pace from the traditional options that they had in the past. It has helped the company to grow from a simple idea in a short amount of time. Read this related article, stylecraze.com.

With a huge social media following, a cult-like presence and sales that exceed over one million units per week, it’s safe to say that EOS has been able to make a huge change in the market. They are dedicated to using the best ingredients. While other brands may try to copy their unique packages that come in the shape of a sphere, most consumers quickly realize that there is a huge difference in the quality of the lip balm that they get from other brands. EOS is the only one that offers the quality and shape of packaging.

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Sujit Choudhry & the Need For Constitutional Consciousness

Constitutional Democracies are nothing, rather obviously, without a well plotted and thought out constitution or body of pieces of such legislation (such as in Britain). However, a constitution, and thus, by extension, a democracy, is also nothing without a well trained class of individuals who can properly interpret and justly administer any given constitution. This is something Sujit Choudhry, a legal analyst, recognized long ago; because of this, he now strives to educate the world (and himself and his colleagues) on the topic of constitutional law. Mr. Choudhry, who was born in India but grew up in Canada, is a alumni of the Toronto, Harvard and Oxford law schools. For updates on Sujit timeline activities, click on crunchbase.com.

His multifaceted upbringing and wide array of first hand knowledge of the political workings of various different countries coupled with his passionate desire for the progress of peaceable governance and transitions of power, have catapulted him to the forefront of the world of comparative constitutional law (a field in which he is a internationally well respected figure).  Related article on blogs.law.nyu.edu.

Mr. Choudhry’s primary project concerns evidence based policy which thus requires evidence based historical analysis to figure out what works (empirically) and what does not. Since it logically follows that one is but shooting into the dark or guessing when they design a constitution (or amendment to it) without a historical or evidence-centered basis, Mr. Choudhry believed that it was imperative to contrast as many different modes of governance within a historical context as possible and then widely disseminate the relevant findings of his studies.  Read this must-read article on an interview with Sujit on ceocfointerviews.com

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To this end Sujit Choudhry created the Center for Constitutional Transitions, a political think tank, publisher and research group that works hand in hand with the worlds leading global policy movers and shakers to help educate them on good and effective constitutional governance. Mr. Choudhry’s ambitions do not, however, end there, as he has recently announced that he would like to start a new project that would bring together other constitutional and democratic policy experts like himself to create a sort of international policy super group that would work to foster good global governance strategies the world over.  For Sujit timeline updates, visit facebook.com.

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Chris Burch Is Interviewed By CEOCFO Magazine

The founder of and chief executive officer at Creative Capital, Chris Burch was interviewed by Lynn Fosse of CEOCFO magazine. Mr. Burch was asked about his company and what direction he is looking to take his firm in the future. This interview was published on May 29th on the web. A short synopsis of the interview between Fosse and Burch is found below.

The first question asked of Chris Burch was what is the approach he uses at his firm. For an in-depth look at Burch’s Creative Capital, check burchcreativecapital.com.

Burch responded by saying that he looks for creative and disruptive ideas that have the power to change people’s lives. His firm actively looks for and supports highly creative people who have the ability come up with ideas that can be scaled on a global level.

The next question given to Chris Burch of Creative Capital was what is his driving philosophy and how has it evolved over time. The driving force of his venture capital business is entrepreneurship and the search for new market opportunities. This philosophy is then combined with incubation, networking, investment and guidance to create a disruptive business or even an entirely new brand.

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CEOCFO Magazine senior editor, Lynn Fosse then inquired what Chris Burch believes goes into building a successful company. He also asked what has Chris Burch learned that may seem out of the ordinary during his business career. Burch’s response to these two questions was just ask good questions and listen well to the answers. He says that you have to ask a lot of questions. Then he says you should break down the answers to your original questions with more questions. Eventually, you get a pretty good idea on what a business, proposal or idea is all about. Burch also says to never be afraid of asking someone a question.   For Burch recent timeline activities, click on crunchbase.com.

Mr. Burch was asked if technology and analytics have played an important part in his business development. Chris Burch said that analytics have not played any major role in his business. Technology has helped him though. Mr. Burch says that technology has his business more productive by allowing him to complete many tasks faster.   For the full interview, click ceocfointerviews.com.

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Kabbalah-Spreading the Good

Kabbalah has been around for centuries and is a way that one can find not only deeper connections with other people, but with the universe, as well. The main focus of Kabbalah is to find a greater meaning in all of our actions and thoughts. Kabbalah is used to connect people in many different ways.Kabbalah places a lot of importance on the afterlife and teaches that the life we live on earth is not that important and it teaches that we should not abstain form our desires or feel bad for having them. Kabbalah teaches that we should feel good without overindulging and that even our clothing has meaning. Kabbalah teaches that even the very act of getting dressed is a way that we can express ourselves and are a very important part of your first impression on others.

The Kabbalah Center was founded in 1984 by Philip Berg and is a non-profit organization that provide many courses on Zohar and Kabbalistic teachings. These teachings are available online, in the Kabbalah regional centers, and through study groups around the world. Kabballah was developed by Karen Berg and Philip Berg and together with their multi-ethnic staff, they are teaching and guiding their student population globally.

The Center is involved in many charitable works such as the humanitarian aid and the financial relief to anyone affected by disasters, whether natural or manmade. They also help to support people who are afflicted by poverty or gender inequality. The Kabballah Center has greatly assisted victims of Hurricane Katrina, 2004 Indian Ocean Tsunami, and 2010 Haiti earthquake. They have also partnered with the Red Cross efforts and many other community-based organizations in order to help any and all in their time of need. Kabbalah is all about doing good and being a good Samaritan.

Chris Burch Shares His Thoughts About Success

During his 40 years as an entrepreneur and investor Chris Burch has established himself as one of the most influential investors in the world. He is noted for his role in developing hospitality properties and building brands. His interests include renovating underused properties as well as launching and promoting individual brands. His portfolio includes the development of the #1 ranked hotel in the world to his recent interest in prefab luxury homes and a partnership with Ellen DeGeneres.

In a recent interview, he shared some insight into his very successful life. Chris is naturally curious; he often notices how certain products and services can be improved. After being very successful early in life, in the apparel industry, he decided to share his experience and knowledge to help other entrepreneurs who he thought had good ideas. To that end, Chris founded Burch Creative Capital where they provide funding to entrepreneurs hoping to bring their ideas to the world. There is no such thing as a typical day for Chris Burch; he might be in Los Angeles for meetings, flying to the South Pacific to study the possibility of expanding his resort, Nihiwatu, or in New York checking on companies, where he has an interest.  For the interview, click ideamensch.com.

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It all starts with the people involved; it takes passionate people to make a project succeed. One project that has peaked his interest is the small house movement. He has launched Cocoon9 to promote this interest, small luxury prefab homes, utilizing floor space and energy efficient. He is also keen on the Millennial traveler that wants adventure as well as culture. Chris is proud of Nihiwatu, a luxury resort located on an island in Indonesian, designed with this traveler in mind.

He goes on to say, his ability to read people has been a big part of his success.  Chris learned at an early age to appreciate hard labor; his father hired him out to a construction company to expose him to the basics of building and see what it was like to work hard. Asked if he had ever had a failure, he answered he had thousands of them, the secret is to take full responsibility, analyze the experience, and go forward. Additional article on forbes.com. He advises, always listen, and be willing to take risks if you want to be groundbreaking. For updates on Burch timeline activities, click crunchbase.com.

Chris Burch is an admirer of Ellen DeGeneres; he thinks the way she connects with her audience and her prowess as a businesswoman are brilliant. Because of her ability to leave a trail of thoughts after she has engaged her audience gives her the capacity to design products that will appeal to America. He is a good friend and admirer of real estate developer Steve Ross. He likes the determination and creativity Steve demonstrates in everything he does; no job is too small or too big for Steve Ross. In keeping with his persona, Chris Burch recommends one book, BOLD, by Peter Diamandis.

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Classdojo- Improving Classroom Managment

Managing a classroom is a challenging effort. There are always students who need extra motivation to maintain good behavior. In a world where kids have their own tablets and cell phones, creativity is often needed to keep students on task. ClassDojo is an excellent tool for teachers to use. Classdojo is fun, engaging and gives student a visual to keep them informed of their classroom behavior.


ClassDojo is an app that allows teachers to communicate with their students and parents. All three stay connected by sharing photos, ideas, and even messages during the school day. In some ways it’s like a ‘Facebook’ for students and teachers. Teachers and students can use the application to work together sharing in the daily classroom experience. Parents get a glimpse into their students day even if they are still at home.


Perhaps the most intriguing part of ClassDojo is the classroom management tool. Class Dojo allows each student to pick their own avatar to represent themselves. Students pick from a long list of incredibly cool monsters. Students then get a visual of their behavior as a teacher add points or takes them away for appropriate behavior. If the teacher sees a student do something that is respectful or responsible, they add a point to their avatar. If a student is doing something mean to another student, a point comes away. Avatar’s can be displayed on a projector or computer screen for students to see the entire time. There are no surprises about behavior. Even better all of this is communicated with parents through the classdojo application.


The ultimate mission of classdojo is give teachers, parents, and students the ability to create amazing classrooms. This is done by keeping everyone connected in a fun and engaging way. If you have been looking for a way to better manage your classroom, classdojo just might be the thing you’ve been looking for.

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