Milan Kordestani Full Life As A CEO, Equestrian, and Music Lover

When it comes to honest, quality, and integrity Milan Farms fits the bill to a tee. The sell 100 percent pure organic saffron, mint, organic/free range eggs and poultry. They use different methods to grow their produce including aquaponics and hydroponics. Founded in 2015 by Milan Kordestani, he wanted to create a farm and company that was completely transparent about how they grew and raised their products so consumers would know exactly what they would be getting. They humanely raise their animals and grow the highest quality herbs and take pride in what they do.

Milan Kordestani not only owns Milan Farms but is a professional and award winning equestrian and writer for the Huffington Post. He started riding horses at a young age and attended competitions. He was born in Stanford, California until 2009 when his family moved to London, England. One year later they would move back to the United States where Milan would attend Sacred Heart Preparatory and then graduated in 2017. During his sophomore year of high school Kordestani would become the founder and Chief Executive Officer of his own company, Milan Farms.

As far his life as an equestrian Milan has won many competitions including in the 5-Gaited Show Pleasure division for the World’s Championship he won second place in 2016. He also won 3rd in the 17 and Under Park Division at the World’s Championship Horse show in 2015. On top of that Kordestani won fourth place at the Worlds Championship Horse Show in that same year. Milan started riding horses at the tender age of ten. His passion and dedication was strong, even after falling off a horse at that age. He would “get back on the horse” so to speak, literally and figuratively.

Milan Kordestani’s achievements do not end there. He is the Chief Executive Officer of Dormzi, which is an app for students. Kordestani is a music lover and wanted to be involved in the music making process. That is why he founded and is the Chief Executive Officer of Guin Records. Even though he personally says he does not have a musical gene inside him, he is able to be involved in the whole process in a different aspect. His sister is also involved as his business partner.


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