Lime Crime: Because Identity Matters

“Crime is to not invest in your personality,” would say the creator and founder of Lime Crime, a beauty products brand that has skyrocketed in the tastes of many American females in the United States.

Lime Crime promotes diversity and change, stated one of the many clients who has provided positive feedback on the Lime Crime beauty products.

Not only is it one of the favorites of many teenagers and adults in the United States, but the creators of Lime Crime really listen to the feedback of their customer base, and many of their business decisions are made thinking about their preferences.

This philosophy has been noticed when they released the statement that they would be bringing Polly Pockets back to the market, to the content of many of their followers who enjoyed the Polly Pockets and their design.

If you are not aware of what a Polly Pocket is, you clearly don’t feel the nostalgia that many of their fans are feeling right now.

For their newest palette, they are using the theme of a classic toy that was the main doll-toy of many girls at the 90’s. Because of such nostalgia, knowing that the new palette will be sharing this passion and love for that time, Lime Crime has won the hearts of many Americans with that move.

The candy palettes of Lime Crime will be featuring the theme of Polly Pocket and paying homage to one of the most essential toys for that generation.

Besides that, Lime Crime is always releasing new products and flavors. The creator of Lime Crime has stated that the brand was created to emphasize diversity and the desire to be different than the majority. According to her, the most crucial aspect of Lime Crime is being yourself and expressing that uniqueness through your makeup and beauty products.

Created as a “vegan and animal cruelty-free makeup brand,” Lime Crime is the story of Doe Deere, one of the youngest entrepreneurs in the makeup industry.

She began, as a kid, to mix different makeup colors because she always noticed that they didn’t have enough color variety. It would only be a matter of time before Doe Deere founded Lime Crime, a fancy name for the brand in the makeup world that promotes variety the most.

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