Jeremy Goldstein Management Views

Jeremy Goldstein is a lawyer. He works at Jeremy Goldstein & Associates. The legal firm provides advisory services to executives and committees. The firm advises on salaries and governance issues. Goldstein is a Juris Doctor holder from New York University. Jeremy Goldstein went to the school of legal studies at the university. He has a post-graduate qualification from Chicago University. He is an arts degree graduate from Cornell University. Jeremy Goldstein has also attended a number of short courses in the field of remuneration management and governance advisory. Learn more:

Goldstein studies governance, compensation and salaries issues. Publications such as Legal 500 list Goldstein as one of the leading executive compensation and remuneration management experts. He has researched the factors that enable a sustainable socio-economic environment for companies. Jeremy Goldstein consults on Earnings per share programmes and incentive-based issues. He has extensive knowledge in executives’ compensation and earnings per share concepts.

Jeremy Goldstein believes that these EPS issues are the biggest impacts of the stock values and prices. He also notes that EPS influences people to buy or dispose of stocks. The earnings per share fluctuations provide entities with a leverage or competitive advantage over other factors. Jeremy Goldstein notes that EPS does not lead to unfair advantages within companies. He supports the principle that the EPS metrics encourage long-term organizational success. Goldstein says that EPS leads start and encourages perpetual corporation growth. The sustainable growth makes the organizations align their investments towards both long-term and short-term values.

Jeremy Goldstein urges the supporters of the earnings per share concept to also listen and accommodate the people who don’t support the earnings per share. Jeremy Goldstein advises the business community to look for means to hold executives and managers accountable for all the decisions they make. He believes that executives rating should be based on their performance. He suggests that their pay should be based on their contribution to the organizational success. Goldstein supports the principle of performance-based pay. The principle means that the executives will be paid on the basis of their performance within the organization.

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