Jennifer Walden America’s High Profile Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Jenifer Walden is a registered plastic surgeon whose high profile life is known well in the medical and plastic surgeon profession. Dr. Jennifer Walden’s Curriculum Vitae comes with all the bells and whistles someone would expect from a high profile doctor, but what sets Dr. Jennifer Walden apart from any resident certified plastic surgeon is her exposure in the new media. She is the founder of clinics which assist in cosmetic and other enhancing procedures. As a woman of remarkable skill in the field of plastic surgery, many women come to her for advice and counsel. Dr. Walden has a well-trained medical staff of sixteen women who help Dr. Walden extend her services to the many women who daily to her clinic.

One of the major influences for Dr. Jennifer Walden has been Sheryl Sandberg and her published ideas on Women and leadership, especially her book: “Lean In Women, Work and the Will to Lead.” Dr. Walden has a strong commitment to using the latest technology which can help her clients receive the best and latest ground-breaking treatments, which lead to their goals and dreams. Dr. Walden was one of the first certified plastic surgeons to use 3D technology while enhancing patients ability to visualize their augmentation surgeries. Also, Dr. Walden was a trailblazer is the use of the latest technology for use in plastic surgery. 3D imaging technology is used to enables patients to visualize their appearance after augmentation surgeries. She is also among the first to use of radiofrequency in plastic surgery. Dr. Walden uses the most advanced technology in her clinics since she believes it can significantly assist in the precision of applying advanced medical techniques.

Dr. Jennifer Walden has many public interests, and her expertise as a plastic surgeon is sought out by major companies such as Sciton and Thermi Aesthetics. Besides her duties to her profession, Dr. Walden makes her voice heard thru regular invitation to lecture at medical conferences and workshops. She was recently named runner-up as Austin’s Woman of the Year, which is a campaign run by the Austin Leukemia Society. She has strong ties to blood cancer research. She supports the prevention of abused children thru her charitable work with the Guardian Angel Society, which is part of the Austin Center for Child Protection. Dr. Walden spends some of her time serving philanthropic causes in Austin.

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