Jeff Aronin: Chairman and CEO of Paragon Biosciences Gives Advice

Paragon Biosciences cultivates a portfolio of companies within the healthcare and biotech industries that are continually making breakthroughs. Under the strategic leadership of chairman and CEO Jeff Aronin, Paragon Biosciences has become a competitive and groundbreaking company that is strengthening its growth by engaging in relationships with other companies in partnership to develop new medicines. Paragon Biosciences has shown a tremendous amount of success in the last ten years, with thirteen new medicines approved for use.

Paragon Biosciences approaches the development of new medicines with a multi-faceted approach, working closely not only with patients but payers and physicians as well to identify where there is a need to develop a new medicine. Once this need has been identified, Paragon Biosciences supports the portfolio of companies under its guidance in developing these new medicines. This support can range from capital to the companies to helping create the infrastructure needed to carry out and sustain the necessary research. This leaves Paragon Biosciences in a unique position, and it’s likely that CEO Jeff Aronin recognizes the business model that sets Paragon Biosciences apart from other companies in the industry. By working to develop medicines in areas in which treatment does not exist, Paragon Biosciences’ portfolio companies corner a lucrative market in being the sole provider of new treatments for diseases.

Jeff Aronin is a successful businessman and entrepreneur who places the improvement of the lives of those living with rare diseases as the center of his company’s mission. With decades of experience navigating the highly regulated healthcare industry, Aronin focuses resources where patients need them most. Investing in promising biotechnology companies, Jeff Aronin and the portfolio of companies under Paragon Biosciences are able to move nimbly and advance technologies with the end result of the technology or new medicine aiding those who are in the most need. Paragon Biosciences and Aronin both engage in philanthropy to help the local and global community. Community is a major area of focus with Paragon Biosciences, and the mission and research and development models of the company reflect this.


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