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The stock market had relatively low volatility in 2017 as compared to other years. 2017 is reported to be one of the years that volatility was extremely low. However, investors should remain alert because stock volatility is expected throughout 2018. The challenging thing about 2018 is that the level of volatility cannot be predicted. It is not easy making predictions for pullbacks. The shift in economic policies, the state of geopolitical events, and bond yields are other concerns expected in 2018.

Investors should remain optimistic this year as they continue investing in various industries. The US economy has improved over the years in various aspects. Last year, 2017, consumer confidence reached a 17-year high. Other highs in 2017 were recorded witnessed in the indices for the manufacturing sector, ISM Services, and home sales. These are the types of improvements that make the economy strong.

It is worth noting that positive economic responses are expected in the US and other parts of the world. A recovery is evident on a global scale thus resulting in better markets than before. Recently, most central banks of different countries have become accommodative. This means that consistent economic growth is occurring in those regions. Moreover, the Federal reserve has announced its intention to raise interest rates three times in 2018 if economic growth continues.

HCR Wealth Advisors is a registered investment advisory firm launched in 1988. Throughout the years, the company offered its clients personalized investment advice and financial planning services. The company is based out of Los Angeles. This wealth management firm is dedicated to helping its clients meet their financial goals, whatever they may be. HCR Wealth Advisors builds its relationships through its values of empowerment, integrity, trust, and transparency. The mission of the company is to remain independent when helping clients make sound investment decisions.

HCR Wealth Advisors builds financial strategies that do not use proprietary products.

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