How Vijay Eswaran Identifies Living As If Today Could Be Your Last

Dr. Vijay Eswaran has a lot of thoughts he likes sharing with others on his blogs, and many of them come from spiritual journeys he has taken throughout his life. One of them is a little unusual about being two minutes away from the abyss, something a Tibetan monk once told him. Eswaran explained that since you don’t know when you could pass away, you should live your life as something that can be looked at has having changed people’s lives. Eswaran said that you can do this through making sacrifices and using your knowledge and skills to help others succeed at what they’re doing. And he said you should be willing to venture to the unknown and take some risks. He’s said this particularly in regards to business, but he’s also said in your personal life you can learn a lot by venturing outside the comforts of your bubble.

Vijay Eswaran comes from a family that values good character and including spiritual practices in everything you do. He learned a lot from his father and his uncle about the practices he would later write about in his books. He studied at the London School of Economics, and after several odd jobs and part-time consulting gigs that didn’t quite match what he wanted to do, he got into multilevel marketing. He started out with the Cosway Group, and then in 1998 he and Joseph Bismark began QI Group Ltd., one of the top direct selling and business financing companies in the world. QI Group’s most profitable subsidiary is QNet which sells various products through independent business people, but they also have holdings in vacation properties, logistics networks, business analytics and IT, and a major university in Malaysia known as QI University.

Vijay Eswaran has also given away millions to efforts to help struggling Asian communities primarily through the RYTHM Foundation, and also through a family organization known as the Vijayratnam Foundation. His business and philanthropy leadership has led to his being featured in the Forbes Asia magazine, and has led to his receiving awards at the World Economic Forum and the Global Indian Meet. His most popular book of all time is “In The Sphere Of Silence,” but he’s also penned “On The Wings Of Thought” and “18 Stepping Stones.”

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