Giving Back to the Community – Perry Mandera

Giving back is among the foremost vital and valuable things an entrepreneur can do, and that’s just what Perry Mandera, founder of The Custom Companies does. As a transportation business executive with over thirty years of expertise, Perry Mandera has been leading a life focused around giving back to his community (

Mandera’s commitment to serving his community is something seen from the very begining of his adult life. As a young adult freshly graduated from high-school in 1975, Mandera honorably decided to take an early step toward a lifetime of service by signing up for the US Marine Corps Reserves. Since then, he has helped contribute to the fight against cancer, centered his charitable efforts over the years toward organizations that benefit kids, and has improved how the Chicago-area cops have dealt with underage alcohol and drug possession, impaired driving, domestic violence, and juvenile sex offenders together with his support (Gazetteday).

From this, in 2010 he was awarded a Bishop Sheil Award, and in 2011, he was awarded a Citizen of the Year Award. Currently, Mandera serves on the board of directors of both The Jess White Tumblers and the Walter & Connie Payton Foundation, having helped to supply over 65 hundred winter coats and transportation to children in need in Chicago. The Illinois Transportation Association had Mandera in its “Top 100 American Transportation Executives of the Millennium” list in 2000.

With Mandera’s history of charity and public services, it’s probably expected that there have additionally been different contributions made on behalf of his company ranging from youth charities and academic organizations, to contributions to cancer research facilities, cancer prevention initiatives and veteran benefits programs, along with his company striving to hire veterans. Today, he additionally is a member of the ITA while maintaining an energetic life as coach of children’s baseball, basketball and soccer.


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