Clay Siegall Driving Seattle Genetics’ Success

Seattle Genetics is a company that is set up for the principal purpose of developing medicine and delivering palliative care to patients. Even as it offers palliative care, the company is also engaged in working to reduce mortality by developing drugs that can counter mortality as a result of disease. ADCENTRIS, a drug developed by Seattle Genetics, is approved by the FDA and consequently safe for consumption.

Clay Siegall, as CEO of Seattle Genetics partnered with Takeda Pharmaceuticals in order to distribute its drug efficiently. The drug is now distributed in over 60 countries across the globe. Another achievement by the CEO was the securing of over $ 1 billion to facilitate the company’s expansion and research.


Clay Siegall initially worked at ‘Bristol- Myers Pharmaceutical Research Institute’. Prior to working here, he was employed at the ‘National Institute of Health’ for a period of three years. His board membership is inclusive of Ultrgenyx pharmaceuticals and BioPharmaceutical.


Clay studied Biology while at University of Maryland. He would later go back to the same university to study DNA. His PhD from ‘George Washington University’ put him among the cream of the industry.


Clay Siegall as a researcher and scholar is reputed for his writing. He has so far authored 15 books in medical research. He has also submitted over 70 academic papers. He has been recognized by his former University with an ‘Alumnus of the Year Award’. In addition to this 2013 award, Clay was awarded ‘Ernest & Young Entrepreneur of the Year Award’.

The principal concern of Seattle Genetics is to check diseases that continue to cause uncensored mortality. It is the company’s mission to offer not just palliative medicine, but also curative medicine. Clay never got over the helplessness he felt watching his father succumb to cancer while he was still just a boy. He recalls the five years of excruciating pain his father suffered before his eventual demise.

New Bees

To all would be entrepreneurs, Clay encourages networking with seasoned entrepreneurs. He encourages new entrepreneurs to freely mingle with the experienced entrepreneurs irrespective of the industry. This interaction he believes will foster learning experiences not just for the new entrepreneurs, but for the old ones as well.

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