Chris Linkas Challenges People to make Sound Investment Decisions

Most successful people today wish they had invested in their ideas while they were still young. In fact, it is a question that pops up in almost every interview- what would you have done differently in you were taken back to your 20s? The words might be different, but the concept remains the same- I would have pursued my dreams, I would have invested, or I would have put my little salary to good use. So if you are in your twenties, you are in a prime position to invest.

Some factors support this idea. First, young people have the advantage of time. For instance, if a 20-year old invested $10,000, it would grow to over $70,000 by the time s/he is 60 years old. If you invested at the age of 30 years, it would be about $43,000. Young people can take advantage of compounding to generate wealth over time.

The second thing is that young people can afford to take more risks. In essence, they have time to bounce back in case the investment does not succeed. Older people tend to go for investments that have lower risks. Thirdly, young people have the flexibility and time to study the markets. It allows them to refine their strategies as they get older and wiser.

Lastly, young people are tech-savvy and have many opportunities to increase their abilities. Technology can contribute to a young person’s experience, knowledge base, expertise, as well as confidence which are vital in investing. Besides, young people receive on-job training after school which is essential in their future endeavors.

Such concepts are held by people who have an excellent understanding of the investment world. One of them is Chris Linkas. Mr. Linkas has worked in the most advanced markets in the world, particularly Europe and the United States. He is the head of 20-person European Credit Group in the UK-Euro regions. Mr. Linkas is well-versed in the areas of commercial real estate, corporate loans and securities, renewables, and shipping among others. Chris has also worked as the head of Commercial Real Estate for Credit and Real Estate Funds businesses in New York.


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