Unicorn Approved

Who is Doe Deere? Everyone wants to know. From her colorful hair and creative personality to Lime Crime makeup, she is “The Queen of Unicorns.” Born and raised in Russia, she moved to the United States at 17 years old. There she started out with the dream of being a musician and found her way to the makeup scene. Even at a young age, she always had an entrepreneurial spirit. At just the age of 13, she started her first business selling temporary tattoos.

After moving to the United States at 17 years old she found herself in New York. This is where she became an adult. Living in Manhattan for a while then in Brooklyn for nine years, she found who she was always meant to be (https://www.facebook.com/doedeereofficial). Doe was in a band and this is actually how she met her husband. They just connected with each other from the very beginning.

Doe has much advice for younger women who have ambitions and dreams like she had. Doe believes that as people we should go where we love. It’s important to be in touch with yourself and to really know yourself. Growing up she felt very different and alone. Later she learned that she was part of the universe just like everyone else and things that she felt strongly about, lots of other people felt the same way. This is how Lime Crime the make-up company was born. Doe has always been a fan of bright and colorful things. In 2008 when she first got her start, it was very difficult to find colorful makeup. This is because the makeup scene was very much into natural looks. Doe started to make her own makeup and was very surprised to see just how many women gravitated towards her products. Her business was very profitable. Learn more: https://websta.me/n/doedeere

So lets get into what Lime Crime really is. Lime Crime is not only a makeup line, its also a way to express oneself unapologetic and live care free. From their lipsticks to their hair colors, I guarantee you’ll find something that suits your fancy. I’ve used their Unicorn Hair Color in the shade Pony and I have to say hands down this is the best semi-permanent hair color I’ve tried thus far. It doesn’t fade and the color is so vibrant. I’ve gotten so many compliments. Another good thing about Lime Crime is that their products are Vegan and cruelty free. This means a lot to have companies that care about the well being of animals. The absolute best part about this company is that their products are super affordable. Yes, you heard me correctly. They will not break your pockets. Don’t you just hate companies who have awesome products but have item ridiculously priced? That’s not Lime Crime. Also they offer a 20% student discount. How awesome is that.

Doe Deere is definitely a very interesting and unique person. Let’s all stay tuned for what else she has in store. I’m sure whatever is to come is definitely “Unicorn Approved.”

Doe Deere And Her Forays Into Niche Marketing And Business

There are many people who are hoping to manage and start niche businesses like Doe Deere has, and she knows how to help people make the finest choices for their companies. The parts of the market that are not served are filled in by the niche businesses like Lime Crime. This article explains how she has been able to create a niche company that is serving every woman who wants to look her best. Learn more: https://www.limecrime.com/pages/our-founder


#1: The Profile Of Lime Crime


Lime Crime is the company that Doe started, and she is ensuring that the company is expanding their business every year to offer more products. She is coming out with vegan products, and she is ensuring that there are a number of people who will find brighter products that her company offers. She wants to give women something that they could not find any other way, and she wants to use colors that no other company will make.


#2: The Design Of Her Business


The business has been designed to ensure that it will give all her customers the things they need, and she has ensured that her business has many ideas flowing throughout the day. The ideas that they are working with will be shared during regular meetings, and there are people who work for Doe who are trying to bring new products to light. Her open door policy has allowed for hair dye to be created, and she markets her company as the face of the brand. Learn more: https://californiablog.org/content/doe-deere-releases-lime-crime-kitty-bundles-lip-color-duos-benefit-feral-cat-rescue


#3: Niche Companies Must Have A Face


The niche companies that are in the marketplace must have a human face that is behind them. Doe is the model for the brand,and she is ensuring that she dyes her hair and shows off the makeup that she has made. She wants women to see how her products work, and she wants women to feel more comfortable with the products they buy. She has a social media following where she explains how the products work, and she has a large following that will copy her style. She is quite unique, and her style matches her niche brand.


There are many people who wish to start companies much like Doe Deere and Lime Crime. They need someone like her as a mentor because she will show them how to make better decisions for the future, and she will explain to them how simple it is to grow a business. She built her company from the ground up, and she will show her colleagues how to build a niche business. She has plugged the hole for bright makeup in the market, and someone following her plan may do something quite similar in their own field. Learn more: https://websta.me/n/doedeere


A Look At Accomplished Businesswoman Susan McGalla

Susan McGalla, a resident of Pittsburg, Pennsylvania, is a businesswoman and executive consultant who has achieved a great deal in her career. She began her professional career in 1986 when she worked for the Joseph Horne Company. Over her eight years with the company she was steadily promoted into higher managerial positions. McGalla saw an opportunity to advance her career in 1994 and earned the position of President and Chief Merchandising Officer at the retailer American Eagle Outfitters, Inc. This position led to her 20 year career in the clothing retail industry.

McGalla was at American Eagle Outfitters for 15 years. During her time with the company revenues increased from $340 million to over $3 billion. Susan McGalla has also worked as the CEO at The Wet Seal where she successfully rebranded the product lines that the retailer sold.

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Susan McGalla has also spent 4 years of her career as a consultant to various retailers as well as financial industry companies. The areas she specializes in is marketing, product merchandising, branding, talent management, and operations. Today she serves as the Vice President of Business Strategy and Creative Development for The Pittsburgh Steelers, Inc. The Steelers recently released a new fashion line of clothing which Susan McGalla is responsible for.  Learn more about McGalla, visit her on twitter.com.

Susan McGalla grew up in Pittsburgh with and has two brothers and a father who is a football coach. She attended Mount Union College in Alliance, Ohio, where she earned her Bachelor’s Degree in Business and Marketing.

Be sure to hit this http://www.post-gazette.com/business/top50/2006/03/21/Susan-P-McGalla/stories/200603210294


Helane Morrison Fights Corruption Through SEC


It takes courage and determination to do the right thing, however, difficult it is. In as much as everyone aspires to be on the right side of the story, humans find it challenging to be honest, especially in their careers. But not this one lady called Helane Morrison. Her story tells it all. When it comes to motivational people to look up to, Helane Morrison ranks among the top personalities. From her first job in the field of journalism to the government contracts, Helane has kept a straight record in her career as a lawyer and attorney. She has worked energetically to fight corruption at all odds. From fighting the unscrupulous brokers to revolutionizing the financial status at her workplace, Helane remains a determined lady that the world can look up to.

SEC Controller

Helane has been in control of the Commission for Securities well known as SEC for approximately three years. Her agenda in San Francisco features boldness in addition to aggressiveness. Through her impressive impact at SEC, she was promoted to administration position for continued support. Arthur Levitt, the SEC Chairman, was delighted to announce Helane’s achievement and well-deserved promotion. The world cheers Helane for being the first woman to bag the Chief of District position. Helane’s roles and duties included the enforcement of laws and regulations for the betterment of the society. She also added that as a woman leading the office, she would maintain the momentum.


Morrison was put in charge of enforcement and examination linked to the programs that are in the San Francisco court. The administration included other states, meaning Helane would directly make decisions on behalf of the staff too. Also, knows as the Pacific Region, Helane replaced David Bayless, the initial administrator of the office in San Francisco. Bayless served for five years. He stepped down to join Helane and Foerster. When Helane was appointed the chair of SEC in 1996, she also served as a supervisor in many firms including companies that presented cases against auditors and security businesses in New York. With her extensive experience in legal matters, Helane presented her clients who had cases with SEC. Helane was also active in defending stock brokers against clients.

Education and Early Career

Helane attained her law degree from Boalt Hall School. It was the best school in Berkeley. She later served as a clerk in the Supreme Court of United States. She closely worked with Justice Harry Blackmun in that department.