Securus Giving Law Enforcement Actionable Intelligence

Securus Technologies is keeping us all safer with this new technology that can assist law enforcement officers and prosecutors. First of all, catching a criminal under the restraints of our criminal justice system is incredibly difficult. Our Bill of Rights protects citizens from law enforcement whether everyone knows they are guilty or not. The government, law enforcement and prosecutors alike, must take every step perfectly in order to obtain a conviction.


Sometimes it is very difficult to for law enforcement to obtain the proper evidence to give to a prosecutor. Smart criminals can stay shielded behind the rights afforded to every American. But the latest innovation of Securus is helping to nab more criminals than ever.


It’s really pretty simple. The telecommunications company provides telephone services to prisons. They record all the phone calls made by inmates. This compiles into a massive digital database that is measured in terabytes. But that huge treasure trove of information can be searched instantly with a new software program.


The program can deconstruct a person’s voice. It locks on to the most basic components of that person’s voice to develop a fingerprint. That fingerprint is then applied to the database to pull up any phone conversation involving that person’s voice. The software can also look through the whole database for certain phrases.


This digital evidence is powerful enough to secure search warrants. Search warrants can lead to evidence collection. Evidence makes an arrest possible and strong evidence can secure a conviction.


The brilliance of this software is how quickly it works. It instantly reviews the database and does the work of dozens of law enforcement officers. It also ensures that law enforcement doesn’t miss anything. Human error could lead to missing evidence. The software never misses. This all but guarantees law enforcement the most actionable intelligence possible.


Securus Technologies Clients Praise New Innovations

Many people forget that prisons can be dangerous places for inmates. I think it’s great that there’s one company that’s helping make inmates safer by helping investigators with new methods and software. These techniques are especially useful for helping prisons track down and confiscate contraband, which can make prisons extremely dangerous places.


Securus Technologies is one of North America’s leading providers of services to prisons and correctional facilities and departments. Based in Dallas, Texas, the company works closely with its clients to help find new ways to prevent and investigate crimes in facilities. According the Securus Technologies Chairman Rick Smith, every week the company develops a new product or service that makes law enforcement’s job a little easier. He added that the company has received thousands of letters and emails thanking them for making it possible to do their jobs more effectively.


Some of the comments are nothing short of amazing. Many customers said that it would have been flat out impossible to solve crimes without the help of Securus. In one case, Securus’ resources helped to out a crooked staff member at a prison. This shows that Securus isn’t just about helping jails and prisons do their job, but also keeping inmates safe.

Securus for Amazing Prison Communication

Securus is one of the best companies out there when it comes to video visitation services for prison families all around the country. They have recently launched a multi-state campaign across the country that enables people to learn more about the benefits and services that come from video visitation within the prison system. You will find that this multi-state campaign that has been launched by this amazing company is truly raising awareness and allowing more and more people to make use of this amazing company for their very own benefit.

Learn more about Securus Technologies at Wikipedia.

I have been using Securus for quite some time now and I’m happy because of the fact that they have raised awareness of their services. I have been saying for quite some time that I feel a lot more prison families could benefit from this type of company but that they simply do not know about it and do not know that it is there for them when they simply need it. This is why it is absolutely essential that you make use of a good company like Securus and begin to use it for your own specific and private needs in a more responsible manner that is available to you at any time you want.


Securus is also extremely easy for you to use so that you do not have to worry that you are spending a lot of time just trying to learn how to make use of the service itself. Because of the fact that the multi-state campaign has been launched to raise awareness of their services, a lot of people are beginning to download and use Securus on a regular basis and are happy with the different benefits that come from this because it is allowing them to keep in touch with their loved ones on a more routine basis without always making a trip to the local prison.


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