ClassDojo has obtained 21 million dollars for an app that allows parents to interact with teachers

ClassDojo has obtained 21 million dollars for an app that allows parents to interact with teachers frequently through the day about their children’s activities. This will eliminate the parents’ confusion when going to parent-teacher conferences. This is great tool for the parents that can’t make it to the parent-teacher conferences. It also would great thing for parents if they have a question for the teacher about their child when they get home. Teacher had been using ClassDojo as a calendar of activities that lets parents and students know what will happen that day. This app can be used for teachers to take videos of the students throughout the day, and send photos of projects the kids are working on to the parents. The parents can use the app to pay the school for field trips, lunch, etc. which is safer than paying with cash or check.


ClassDojo was established in 2011. Sam Chaudhary and Liam Don are the co-founders of ClassDojo. They were looking for a simple and free way for parents and student to communicate with teachers. So they formed ClassDojo. As of right now, 85,000 schools are utilizing the app, ClassDojo. The co-founders are hoping to reach more teachers and parents with this awesome app.


The app, ClassDojo, has many features. It has skill and culture building tools that helps children learn positive important skills. The photo and video sharing feature of the app allows the parent to part of the classroom. Teachers can send instant messages to the parents and those messages can be translated into any language. ClassDojo also allows a group message to be sent out to all the parents. The app works on any computer, any iOS Device, Android, and Kindle Fire. The app will be always free for teachers. ClassDojo is been used in 180 counties.


To ensure privacy, ClassDojo doesn’t sell or rents info out to anyone. They also only collect a small amount of info of the children. The users have access to delete any info they want to delete. If the parents are no longer interested in using the app, ClassDojo deletes the child’s info after 12 months. They also use firewalls.