Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff and the Modern Novel

Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff: Plot

The plot is pretty straightforward. We have the main character, Bob Honey, who most people could partially identify with. Despite the kind of job he does, a septic sewer manager, he manages to stir up the neighborhood by mowing his law at 3AM, but escapes detection when the neighbors call it into the police.


Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff: Reception

It is not so much the negative reviews a person is struck with. Nor the lack of reviews, since there has been a healthy dose of reviews from critics great and small, institutionally trained and first impressions from people who just wanted to read a novel by a yet unknown author in literature.


Penn’s Thoughts of its Reception

Then, again, it is the author himself who should have the final word over “his word.” And that is just exactly what amounts to what Sean Penn says in his response to so many of his critics. It seemed like Penn was only saying to those critics who expected something a little bit more like the great authors they did know that he was supposed to have known what the critics would like or dislike. Penn simply says “accept” the fiction as it is, and don’t try to read into the characters more than who they are.

The Author

Sean Penn is no stranger stranger to the public eye, though it is true “Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff” is his first novel. Sean Penn, while a young actor, made his television premiere in Little House on the Prarie,which was directed by his Father, Leo Penn. Prior to “Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff,” Sean Penn was a director, writer, and actor for his entire career. He’s been the recipient of two Oscars for his acting in The Mytic River(2003) and Milk (2008).


Humble and Grateful in a Competitive Climate

I think it is well worth noting the humble acceptance and gratitude in which Sean Penn told the CBS Sunday Morning reporter when asked about others reception of “Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff” : “Some people, I think, will really enjoy it, others will loathe it.”


From the Past

“When you love someone, you love the person as they are, and not as you’d like them to be.” -Leo Tolstoy

Penn Relishes Creative Freedon with Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff

Sean Penn is not a fan of filmmaking anymore. In a recent interview he spoke of his lack of enthusiasm for his chosen craft. Penn has been an accomplished actor, director, and screenwriter for decades. His portfolio is filled with memorable movies, and he even has two Academy Awards warming his shelf. But he does like to collaborate. At least not anymore. Apparently working on any kind of film requires playing with others, and Penn is just not up to that anymore. So, he has turned to the literary world, where the only person he has to collaborate with is himself.


Penn has just penned a rather unorthodox novel titled “Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff”. The book is a satire that paints a dystopian painting of Americana. It follows the exploits of the title character, Bob Honey, as he sells sceptic tanks to Jehovah’s Witnesses and kills old people for the government. The book is definitely a unique slice of crazy, but like any respectable satire it contains nuggets of truth. That is to say, nuggets of the author’s voice that the reader can construe as truth. The work is an intermingled gathering of storytelling, ranting, and poetry that is definitely making a splash.


It is controversial splash, but a splash none the less. Penn’s book is getting panned for a four-page epilogue that seemingly calls out #MeToo. According to Penn the passage is being taken out of context, but it says some pretty slanderous things about the movement. Bob Honey also has some pointed references to current events, and President Donald Trump. The controversy is helping the book to sell, and so far, Penn has offered no apology.

When asked about his departure from acting, Penn simply said he enjoyed the freedom of writing more. As a screenwriter his work has to pass through a number of collaborators, all with the ability to change it a little. As a writer he turns it in to his editor, and then the book gets published. No middlemen, all Penn. He likes it that way.

Clay Hutson’s Production Perfection Joins the Soul2Soul World Tour

When live performance artists want the best, they turn to Clay Hutson, Tour Rigger. Case in point, Hutson has signed onto Faith Hill’s and Tim McGraw’s Soul2Soul World Tour, an indication that the country icons, who have not been on the road together since 2007, want this tour to be perfect in every way. While opening acts like Caitlyn Smith, Brothers Osborne, Devin Dawson, NEEDTOBREATHE, Seth Ennis, Midland and Margo Price may be essential to the tour, the importance of Hutson’s presence cannot be overstated.




Hutson’s credentials are as impressive as they are eclectic. His resume includes superstars like Kid Rock, Guns ‘n’ Roses, Kelly Clarkson, and P!nk. Before leaving for the rock and roll performance scene, he worked as a sound engineer, touring with the Billy Graham Crusade.




Such diverse and extensive experience does not come by chance. Clay Hutson is known among stage performers as a perfectionist whose devotion to the final result on stage prompted him to carry his own trusted soundboards while on the road so as not to rely on local venue equipment. Good enough was not good enough for Hutson who wanted it right every time.




As an Automation Operator on OneRepublic’s 2017 Honda Civic Tour, Hutson was responsible for the safe movement of over 70,000 pounds of lighting and audio equipment during performances. Focused on the safety concerns of having such enormous weight overhead, Hutson never lost sight of the performance requirements, working to make the moves of the automated equipment, “tastefully done” to “make a very powerful statement.”




Since his early days, Hutson’s reputation has given him immense credibility among artists. His sound and production company today handles a variety of live performance needs, including:




  • Production Design


  • Production Management


  • Show Producer


  • Monitor Engineer


  • Logistics Management


  • Stage Management


  • Rigging



Despite the assortment of service Hutson offers his clients, he remains a hands-on stage manager. He says, “I like to be known as the hardest working guy in the room … artists truly appreciate the efforts that are put into their stage shows, which, in turn, allows for the reputation of the business to continue to grow with each successful endeavor.” Learn more:




Based in Nashville, Tennessee, Clay Hutson describes himself as passionate about music and everything related to it, but it is his work ethic and professionalism that earns the trust of performers. It is also a key reason that his production stamp will be on the Soul2Soul Tour.


Jeremy Goldstein Management Views

Jeremy Goldstein is a lawyer. He works at Jeremy Goldstein & Associates. The legal firm provides advisory services to executives and committees. The firm advises on salaries and governance issues. Goldstein is a Juris Doctor holder from New York University. Jeremy Goldstein went to the school of legal studies at the university. He has a post-graduate qualification from Chicago University. He is an arts degree graduate from Cornell University. Jeremy Goldstein has also attended a number of short courses in the field of remuneration management and governance advisory. Learn more:

Goldstein studies governance, compensation and salaries issues. Publications such as Legal 500 list Goldstein as one of the leading executive compensation and remuneration management experts. He has researched the factors that enable a sustainable socio-economic environment for companies. Jeremy Goldstein consults on Earnings per share programmes and incentive-based issues. He has extensive knowledge in executives’ compensation and earnings per share concepts.

Jeremy Goldstein believes that these EPS issues are the biggest impacts of the stock values and prices. He also notes that EPS influences people to buy or dispose of stocks. The earnings per share fluctuations provide entities with a leverage or competitive advantage over other factors. Jeremy Goldstein notes that EPS does not lead to unfair advantages within companies. He supports the principle that the EPS metrics encourage long-term organizational success. Goldstein says that EPS leads start and encourages perpetual corporation growth. The sustainable growth makes the organizations align their investments towards both long-term and short-term values.

Jeremy Goldstein urges the supporters of the earnings per share concept to also listen and accommodate the people who don’t support the earnings per share. Jeremy Goldstein advises the business community to look for means to hold executives and managers accountable for all the decisions they make. He believes that executives rating should be based on their performance. He suggests that their pay should be based on their contribution to the organizational success. Goldstein supports the principle of performance-based pay. The principle means that the executives will be paid on the basis of their performance within the organization.

Doe Deere

Doe Deere is a successful makeup company owner from Russia. She owns Lime Crime. Lime Crime is a makeup brand that harms no animals during its creation process. She works closely with her chemist to ensure that her products are cruelty-free. She takes pride in the integrity of her brand and its products. She has delivered high-quality makeup to her consumers since 2008. Lime Crime continues to recreate itself to improve the products to fits their vast base of customers. She has used her bold personality to bring the world a bright splash of color makeup.

Doe Deere has been different since she was a child. She hosted parties that were not the norm for little girls. Most girls have parties that are based on princess themes. She gave her parties a witch theme. She grew up to implement her creative, different style of makeup to improve the lives of others. She was an entrepreneur as an adolescent. As she grew, she used her entrepreneurial skills to better the lives of people all over the world. She nurtured her creative talents and brought them to the United States to make a name for herself. She moved from Russia to New York City, and there is no doubt that she brought her creative mind with her from Russia.

She began a band called sky Salt. She met her husband and business partner Mark while she was in the band. Doe Deere has acquired a great amount of success, but she continues to keep life simple and do what she loves. She maintains a steady morning routine that fits all of her needs ( Doe Deere wakes up faithfully at 8:30 a.m. She eats breakfast, answers emails, minds her cats, does her makeup, and catches up with all that’s going on in the world. Her schedule is the same every day to ensure that she is taking proper care of herself.

Deere started Lime Crime as a fashion line on eBay and turned it into a makeup brand after she couldn’t find makeup that fit her personality. Deere is a bold and bright person. She enjoys wearing colors that pop from head to toe. She couldn’t find bold makeup, so she decided to supply it. Doe Deere now refers to herself as Queen Unicorn because of her love for bright and unique colors. Lime Crime was launched in 2008.


Neurocore Brain Performance Centers Provides Facts That May Change People’s Views About Depression

The Neurocore Brain performance Centers published an interesting article about facts that might change the way people look at depression. It mentioned how depression can occur in those who have a family history of it and that it can develop without any outside influences.

Neurocore also pointed out that there are a number of depressive disorders, such as persistent depressive disorder, major depressive disorder and postpartum disorder.

Other facts discussed throughout the article included that the signs of depression are not always obvious to others and depression can take both a mental and physical toll on one’s body.

According to Neurocore, the leading cause of death among young people is suicide, which is often caused by depression. Furthermore, one of the most common cause of disability among those who are between the ages of 15 and 44 is depression. Not only that, but Neurocore said that research into depression needs a lot more funding.

The last fact Neurocore shared was in regards to treatment. They believe that most cases of depression, regardless of how severe, can be treated.

About Neurocore And Their Services
Neurocore provides brain training programs and assessments to both adults and children. This is to help them with various things, such as sleep, manage stress and improve their concentration. Neurocore was founded back in 2004 and since then they have become a leader in applied neuroscience. As of now, they have nine brain performance centers located in the states of Florida and Michigan.

At their centers, Neurocore has a team of professionals who provides training programs based on brain data derived from each individual. They help a wide range of individuals, including those with ADHD, anxiety, autism, depression, migraines, sleep problems and stress.

For those who are interested in their services, Neurocore has a way to schedule an assessment. They can go to their official website and click on ‘schedule an assessment’ to learn more.

For more information follow Neurocore on Facebook, here.

Neurocore Centers and their Quest to Boost Brain Performance Using qEEG Technology

As the world recently celebrated the Mental Health Awareness Month, it was concluded that major depression is the most common mental illness affecting people. This disease affects nearly 16 million adults every year. It is unfortunate that most people suffering from depression are unaware of their state and how to seek help. The following points give insights on what you did not know about depression.

1. Depressive disorders are diverse

Before looking at the different types of depressive disorders, it is important to learn their causes. One can experience depression when dealing with stressful life events like mourning a loved one. Research has also suggested that depression can be passed from parent to infant through the genes. The common depressive disorder types include seasonal affective disorder, depends on seasons, major depressive disorder, postpartum depressive disorder, and persistent depressive disorder.

2. Depression has negative effects on the body

Though the signs and symptoms of depression may not be obvious, it should be noted that the illness takes a toll on one’s health. Symptoms that are likely to be experienced include fatigue, drastic weight loss or gain, and difficulty in concentrating. When depressed, a person may experience shortness of breath, headache, general tension, and stomach discomfort.

3. Depression can lead to physical disability and suicide

A study conducted by the World Health Organization found out that depressed people between the ages of 15 and 44 developed and were likely to develop disabilities. Consequently, depression was linked as the major cause of suicide.

4. Research on depressive disorders requires more funding

It is sad to note that majority of depressed people end up undiagnosed and committing suicide.

Neurocore Centers’ efforts to treat depression

Neurocore is a tech-oriented brain training facility. Neurocore comprises of Brain Performance Centers that use technological tools to diagnose mental disorders. The centers usually create customized programs for patients based on a comprehensive assessment approach to help train the brain.

Irrespective of your mental state, Neurocore’s Brain Performance Centers train your brain to work better and efficiently. The company’s comprehensive assessment approach entails the analysis of brain waves using qEEG technology. In addition to brainwave analysis, patients undergoes clinically validated diagnostic tests like heartbeat rate and breathing analysis. These tests are used to portray what’s going on in a person’s brain.

Follow Neurocore on Facebook for more information.

NuoDB, the Elastic SQL Database for Cloud Applications

We all rely on technology, particularly in this age and time. When it comes to cloud storage, there is nothing that hits the mark like NuoDB, an elastic SQL database created in 2008. In the nine years of its existence, NuoDB has become the modern data center that helps systems scale elasticity, maintain acid semantics, and at the same time eliminate downtime.

With the SQL database function in place, NuoDB helps keep all your application relevant and straightforward and your database smart thus making you cut out on added costs that would otherwise paralyze your operations.

Through its peer-to-peer architecture, NuoDB has ensured that its elastic SQL database gets distributed evenly across the many nodes in the network, clouds, and data centers. With low operational costs, you get assured of high productivity rates at the end of the day. Thanks to the SQL database, you can now migrate all your applications to the cloud, build new cloud applications, as well as modernize the existing ones.

With its more than eighty employees, NuoDB has made SQL database the new black. If you want to cut down on costs and still maintain that competitive edge, it is time you partner with NuoDB, an institution that has withstood the test of time.

Highland Capital Is On The Forefront Of International Investment

Highland Capital is a world renowned investment firm that specializes in collateralized loan obligations, credit strategies, and a variety of investment techniques designed to give clients greater flexibility and stability in their business endeavors. Highland Capital works with a variety of clients from fields such as public pension plans, high net worth individuals, governments, and many others. The company is based out of Dallas, TX but also has offices located around the world in Singapore, Sao Paulo, New York, and Seoul.

Highland Capital has proven their strategies to provide above average returns for the financial field, which has, in turn, created a great amount of success for the company over the last several years. In recent news, Highland Capital in Korea announced that they had created a private equity fund for the Healthcare sector which has a value of $147 million. In conjunction with Stonebridge Capital, a Korean investment firm, Highland Capital will manage the fund. There will be opportunities for investment in this fund for the US, China, and Korea. This particular investment opportunity is different from most of the other investment opportunities which were available in the area. Highland is well versed in the healthcare industry and unconventional investment practices which show great promise for businesses that decide to take advantage of the opportunity, which has presented itself in the country.

Highland Capital is on the forefront of international investments and is showing great promise to clients that are hoping to increase their profits annually with the proven investment strategies. Highland Capital takes great pride in providing both opportunity and integrity in the field of financial investments and is showing continued signs of prosperity and growth in the next several years. This growth is spurred by their skilled CEO and upper management who collaborate closely with investment advisors to give the highest quality service in the industry.

Better Dental Practice and Management

Starting your own business is not an easy matter. It is also not easy to work if you have a supervisor who does not trust you to manage your time. Even in dental practices, there are micromanagers and bosses who want to control every step of their employees. It leaves many dentists not being able to do their job properly and that is not just frustrating, but it doesn’t allow the specialist to grow and learn while they are doing their job. It doesn’t help the practice especially if the managers don’t know much about how dental practice works and what it needs.

Dr. Villanueva found this out first hand. However, he decided to branch out and give the personal practice go. Today Villanueva has several dental practices under his care. Dr. Villanueva works in all of them during the week, but the rest of the time he allows his staff to get on with their job. He trusts his doctors, nurses and administration staff to be able to carry out their work without someone always looking over their shoulder. He wanted to start his practice and be able to work and manage it in peace.

MB2 Dental is an organization that unites several different practices under one management. It offers their practices advice as well as practical support and guidance for people who want to open their practice. Dr. Villanueva has several different titles on his CV. He works as an associate dentist, trainer, and advocates for the model he believes work best. It is a doctor-practice model, and he supports this model because he practices what he preaches to his staff. He wants to make sure the profession is as respected as possible. It is also important to him to encourage people to become dentists and to show his colleagues in a better light.

MB2 Dental encourages people to learn from colleagues and fellow professionals. It organizes a retreat for the staff of the different practices, building an inter-connected and positive relationship between friends as well as colleagues. It is a more personal approach to professionals than other companies offer and people recognize the value of this practice. When things are organized well, and the support is there, people can get back to work and not worry that there will be a shortage of supplies or their schedules won’t be clear the next day.

Sometimes it is the little things MB2 Dental sorts out that matter the most.