Portrait of America by Songwriter, Activist Doug Levitt

Doug Levitt is a singer,songwriter,writer,activist and photographer from Washington, D.C. However, prior to his musical achievements he was a journalist employed by ABC and NBC as an international correspondent situated in London and reported from Iran, Rwanda and Bosnia.

His adolescence was spent in Washington,D.C. which allowed him to be confronted with and exposed to various aspects that encompass the overall society. He focused on people from all walks of life, from every corner of the world and encountered many cultural economic prominences. Doug Levitt praises his mother Carol Schwartz a Washington D.C. Council member and mayoral nominee for instilling in him at an early age the powerful example of centering on society.

After returning to the United States from his journalistic escapades and journey,his venture was to seek and find a pathway to assist the oppressed, suppressed, depressed and even forgotten people, so impulsively he bound a Greyhound bus and embarked on a six week adventure and began his inquisitions with total strangers,asking them questions about their lives and attentively listening to their grievances and sad stories,while watching time escape them as their stagnant and broken disillusioned lives lay stagnant without meaning, purpose or hope.

Doug Levitt desired to form an exemplary pattern in whatever he accomplished after Works Progress Administration project. After his educational and inspirational cross country bus trip it dawned on him that this endeavor was also an important step for his peace of mind and emotional well being,because at age 16 he found his father dead as a result of suicide, and could not accept this tragedy. Now he had a more vivid understanding and was able to let go of the guilt that was embedded deep inside him all these years,and knows that his father’s death impacted his perseverance to become an artist.

Now he is traveling coast to coast sharing his stories and singing composed songs about struggling people and their survival.

Doug Levitt has accumulated 10,000 photographic and film representations of the American worker and his plight. The Greyhound Diaries encompassed years to finalize.