Why Gregory James Aziz Is The Perfect Definition Of Resilience And Commitment

Whether you are in the rolling stock industry or not there is no doubt that you’ve heard, seen or even talked about the renowned James Aziz. When it comes to business virtue pacesetters and top achievers, Gregory Aziz tops the list. His has been a journey of pure earnest, determination, and commitment and his high-flying success is sufficient proof that his efforts bore fruits.


A look at Greg J Aziz’s Background

The chairman, president, and CEO of national steel car now leading in the bandwagon of railroad freight manufacturing companies has been around for more than half a century now as he was born back in 1949 in Ontario. He pursued his education in his birth town at the University of Western Ontario where he majored in economics before joining Affiliated foods which was his family’s business. Back then his family’s company was just a simple wholesaler fresh food business but with the fresh skills and innovative mindset brought to the table by the renowned Aziz, there was no doubt that the company would soon be dining at the top table. True to that within two decades with James Aziz in play Affiliated Foods had now risen to one of the top fresh food importer and supplier of major regions such as Europe and Canada.


His journey to being one of the most influential individuals in rolling stock

His time at Affiliated Foods was indeed fruitful and if many people were to trade places with him most would opt to remain comfortable in the family business. But Gregory James is not most people and he certainly had bigger goals to accomplish because even with the success at Affiliated Foods he still ventured into the shadowy world of banking in New York. Here he worked with some of the top banking facilities and it is while here that he first came across National Steel Car through its sister company Dofasco.

Greg J. Aziz saw an opportunity and quickly embraced it and even though the market conditions weren’t really favoring his acquisition this still didn’t deter him from making a move that would prove to be incredibly beneficial in six years. He completed the acquisition of National Steel Car in 1994 and ever since he took over, the company has seen nothing but massive growth and has marked major milestones in the world of railroad freight cars. Find Additional Information Here.

For instance, within half a decade after the purchase, he had managed to increase the company’s production capacity by more than a hundred percent as it shot from a mere 3500 to 12,500. He achieved this without overworking the staff or stealing anyone’s thunder because he increased the number of employees from 500 to 3000 which means his success was shared even by the community. Ever since then Gregory Aziz has never looked back and for national steel car, it has been a journey of success after success. This has not gone unnoticed because the company has bagged prestigious accolades such as the TTX SECO and the ISO90001:2008.


Aside from his career

Gregory Aziz also takes time to give back to the society and is involved in a number of charities such as the Hamilton Opera. James Aziz is also a family man and a proud man of two. During his free time, you can find him on the horse race course as he is an avid fun and even member of horse racing.

Things The Media Never Says About Gregory Aziz

Metamorphic-ally speaking, Gregory James Aziz is a young man in an old person’s body. Confusing right? Unknown to many is that Greg Aziz is a man who wields a lot of power today because of all the effort he put towards improving his standard of living as a young lad.

Mr. Gregory J Aziz, an alumnus of the Western University began his career in Affiliated Foods. Times were hard at the time but James was able to improve the productivity of his family’s company during his short stay. Interestingly, there is a lot that Greg James Aziz gained while at Affiliated Foods that has made him the man he is today.

Aziz, in his time at Affiliated Foods, was able to save more than enough money, resources used to buy National Steel Car in 1994. Gregory, who is not only the owner of National Steel Car but also the company’s president and CEO, has revitalized the corporation in more ways than one.

Mr. Gregory J Aziz, before his purchase, had always had his eyes on National Steel Car. James Aziz got always fascinated with the global railroad car manufacturer because it had existed long before his time. Therefore, purchasing the company was a move aimed at ensuring that the institution survives long after his time.


In truth, National Steel Car is bigger and better now that Gregory J Aziz is behind all its operations. Mr. Aziz, after his arrival, has transformed the manufacturer by boosting production. The CEO of National Steel Car has mentored his employees to create products that sell, something that has gone a long way in making the railroad car manufacturer profitable.


National Steel Car, by exploiting new frontiers, has employed more workers just to keep up with the ever-growing demand for the company’s products and services. Mr. James’s has also created an excellent working environment for all employees and even goes the extra mile of investing in their knowledge, at least once a while. View More Information Here.


Like I said, Gregory James Aziz is an old man yet he has the energy of a seventeen-year-old. Aziz, since 1994, has had a knack for technology and innovation, one reason as to why National Steel Car has emerged to be better than its competitors. Therefore, we can easily conclude that National Steel Car is a success because of Mt, Greg James Aziz, a man who has invested heavily to see that the manufacturer goes the extra mile.