Rodrigo Terpins Shares Success Secrets

He is one of the most cherished and celebrated rally heroes that Brazil has ever produced. The 41-year-old Rodrigo Terpins is a graduate of Management and Corporate Governance. He is also the Senior Director of T5 Partipacoes Company. What strikes his friends and foes the most is the way he manages to juggle his busy career as a corporate executive and rallying. He is one of the best prototype T1 Rally drivers. He is often sailed by his elder brother Michel Terpins. Michel is also a polished driver in his own right. Both Rodrigo and Michel are members of the same Bull Sertoes Rally team. Rodrigo considers his brother Michel as his mentor in rallying.



Rodrigo Terpins’ Background



He was born in Sao Paulo in the mid-70s. He is said to have developed a special liking for cars. He is still a close friend of the automobile even now. Rodrigo Terpins grew up as a disciplined young man. He attended St. Hilaire University for his studies in Management and Corporate Governance. It is evident from the way he manages his work at T5 Partipacoes that he applies the skills he learned at the university well. He comes from a family of heroes too. He has two brothers who are also rally drivers. Rodrigo’s company T5 Partipacoes is the main organizer of the prototype T1 rallies that Rodrigo Terpins is most known for. He has been rising in his rallying expertise so much so that he has put Brazil back on the world rallying scene. He has out-competed many drivers of international repute. In the recent Bull Sertoes rally, Rodrigo Terpins emerged number 6 with a time of 58 minutes and 9 seconds. He was close on the back of his elder brother who emerged 5th in the race. Bull Sertoes Rally is a much tougher one that has many off-road stretches. You can visit for more info.




His Views



Owing to the fact that Rodrigo Terpins has become a star, he is commonly invited by media houses for interviews. In one of the recent ones, Rodrigo observes that it is his self-discipline that has propelled him to his success. He also notes that he has received a lot of support from his family and his siblings. He picks out Michel Terpins as his mentor in rallying. Rodrigo also advices younger rally drivers trying to make a mark to be patient and use every rally as a learning point for future better performance.




Jordan Lindsey An Entrepreneur

Jordan Lindsey and Forex are interlinked. This is because he says that losing at Forex does not make you or anyone a loser. He says that Forex trading should be viewed as a business, not as a contest. With this in mind, your goal should be to make money, which can be done even if you lose some trades. Jordan Lindsey states you can make sure that your losses will be maintained at half the size of your wins. That way, as a trader, you can at least break even. Jordan Lindsey who is the founder of JCL Capital says that forex traders need to have a plan that will work for them and make them money. You can keep your losses to a minimum if you are able to contain them. Do this by making your wins as huge as possible and your losses to a minimum.

Just who is Jordan Lindsey. He grew up in New York. As a NewYorker, he fell in love with sports. His two favorite ones were tennis and ice hockey . He played them and loved to compete in these sports. He recently shared that at a young age he knew that he wanted to create something…. something that would change the world. He pursued his studies at Mount Angel Seminary and also at St. Joseph’s college. Even though he lived in New York, he also has resided abroad in Argentina, Mexico, and Bosnia-Herzegovina.

Jordan Lindsey is the Founder of the JCL Capital company. He has worn many hats. He is a veteran algo trader, an experienced founder in financial services and also in the technology industry. Jordan Lindsey is not only the founder of JCL Capital but he is a husband and a dad. He now is also a family man and has three beautiful daughters whom he loves dearly. Now , even though he still possesses his entrepreneurial spirit, his family is his highest priority.

How IC Systems is Helping The Environment as Much as Your Business

Founded in 1938 by Ruth and Jack Erickson IC Systems has been in the accounts receivable business for the past 80 years and has continued to impress. Out of their headquarters in St. Paul, Minnesota, it’s clear that the core values of this company have not changed much since there founding in 1938. IC Systems makes it a priority to deliver the best service to its clients and consumers while remaining as ethical and honest as can be. The main focus is and has always been to deliver the best service possible while remaining the most trusted provider in their field. Following these values has resulted in IC Systems being nominated as a finalist several years in a row for the BBB Torch Award for Ethics.

One of the more impressive features IC Systems can provide is the fact they are nationally licensed. Being nationally licensed gives them the ability to collect debt in all 50 states, Guam, and Puerto Rico. The reason this is so important is that approximately 15% of all debt is owed by consumers who are located in different areas from where the debt was originally taken on. Sometimes up to several hundred miles away and even in different states. Agencies that are not nationally licensed may not be able to operate and collect in a state that is outside their area of operation. Sometimes even worse than this a company might still attempt to collect on a debt owed by a consumer in an area they are not licensed to operate in. Attempting to do this will immediately put your company at risk as the law holds the original client responsible for any actions taken by any outsourcing partner (

IC Systems wants you to trust in their abilities along with feeling good about using them. Every action this company takes always has their sustainability in mind. Remaining mindful of their carbon footprint has led them to focus on renewable resources along with the conservation of energy. IC Systems also encourages its staff to give these values back to the community with activities such as teaching and discussions.