Sheldon Lavin’s Involvement In OSI Group

OSI Group, a distinguished meat processing industry, owes much of their global success to Sheldon Lavin. Activist turned entrepreneur, Sheldon Lavin, is the CEO of OSI Group. Far more than the company’s jefe, Lavin is also the face of international affairs. The final hat that Lavin dons is environmentalist. In fact, sustaining natural resources, devising green initiatives, and implementing eco-friendly practices are the areas in which Lavin thrives. Though Lavin became a part of OSI Group nearly 60 years after it launched, Lavin’s enabled OSI Group to grow exponentially over the past few decades.

As Lavin endeavored to infuse OSI into foreign markets, OSI Group was serving as McDonald’s hamburger supplier. Though OSI had experience in the beef industry, Lavin wanted the company to extend beyond their roots. As an attempt to get OSI involved in other realms, Lavin launched poultry operations across several countries. Brazil, Taiwan, Mexico, China, and Germany were among a few. Lavin’s decision was twofold: to arm OSI Group with international recognition and expand their empire. Come 2000, Lavin achieved both, with OSI Group both well versed in varying realms and thriving in their industry.

As OSI Group continued to grow, so too did the demand for their products. In an effort to accommodate the influx in business, OSI purchased an American poultry corporation. Soon thereafter, Canada, India, and the United Kingdom became involved in OSI Group as well. With support from virtually every sector of the globe, OSI had reached optimal exposure and appeal. What’s more, now that OSI was in good standing with various nations, deep-seated partnerships could take shape. In fact, Sheldon Lavin played his part in cementing numerous joint ventures, from Pickstock and Create Foods Europe to German Hynek Schlachthof GmbH and Baho Food.

As these agreements blossomed, OSI Group gained success and an outpouring of appreciation for their dedication to upholding the sanctity of applying green practices. As for Sheldon Lavin, he’s still the Chairman and CEO of OSI Group at the age of 85. His dedication to enriching the meat and food industry merits praise, which is why he’s held in such high esteem. OSI Group continues to thrive, and Sheldon Lavin will forever be an advocate for economically responsible solutions.

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OSI Industries Is One Of America’s Largest Privately-Owned Companies


It began as a meat market in the early 1900s. Otto Kolschowsky was a German immigrant who came to the United States with a very specific vision. He opened his company in the Chicago area and began to provide meat to individual customers, as well as other food businesses within the region. Otto soon became a trusted supplier of meat to restaurants and supermarkets alike. By the 1950s Otto Kolschowsky had turned the business over to his sons.

Otto and Sons maintained a presence in the industry. Their work soon drew the attention of Ray Kroc, who was leading the McDonald’s franchise operations at the time. McDonald’s was looking to expand its business into the Illinois region and needed a meat supplier that they could trust. Otto and Sons got the job. Their innovations over the years set them apart from many of the other meat manufacturers that were being used by McDonald’s at the time. Equipment such as the meat patty cutting machine catered to the McDonald’s objective. Otto and Sons were also able to implement cryogenic freezing, which allowed them to store large amounts of product that could be delivered to McDonald’s on a timely basis. Eventually, Otto and Sons became McDonald’s primary supplier of meat. OSI Group Buys Former Tyson Foods Plant in Chicago.

Otto and Sons later became known as OSI Industries. OSI Industries has expanded its operation and now manufactures many different food products, including hot dogs, pizza, poultry, fish, and vegetables. Their client list consists of major food chains such as Pizza Hut, Subway, Papa John’s, Pizza and Starbucks. The company’s presence is worldwide in terms of manufacturing. There are plants throughout the United States and the Asian Pacific. OSI Group Acquires Flagship Europe.

OSI Industries practices a hiring process that allows them to bring in talent from all over the world. There are recruiting bases in the Asia-Pacific, the United States, Hungary, Germany and the United Kingdom. Hiring methods are designed to keep the company on the cutting edge of ideas within the industry.

OSI Industries was ranked the 136th largest privately owned company in the United States by Forbes magazine in 2011. By 2016 Forbes had placed them at number 58. for more information.

Sheldon Lavin – The CEO and Chairman at OSI Group, LLC

The meat business profession of Sheldon Lavin was a step by step journey. Lavin entered the division more than 43 years ago as “pariah” in the wake of having a productive employment as an investor and worker in the monetary industry and having his personal financial consulting association. Starting the time, Lavin responsibility advanced into becoming Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of the OSI Group, LLC. Presently, he has managed to take his firm into another level where it became the global supplier of food items of different retail brands. OSI Group, LLC has various auxiliaries which include OSI International Foods, LLC and OSI Industries, LLC among others. OSI International, Inc. is the holding association for most of the OSI Group’s overall ventures. Learn More.

OSI Group has approximately 20,000 laborers throughout the globe, and Lavin is most satisfied with the workers and the corporate culture that he channeled down the association positions. He included that, “The way of life at OSI is to some degree exceptional – it’s family-orchestrated, and we have a monstrous measure of workforce”. Sheldon Lavin Receives 2015 Lifetime Achievement Award from RSM US LLP .

Lavin’s journey to meat industry accomplishment begun in 1970 when he orchestrated financing for Otto & Sons, the trailblazer association of OSI Industries, LLC. During the season, Otto & Sons had an opportunity to set up an office for meat handling. It is starting there that he became the Midwest hamburger supplier to McDonald Corporation, but needed help to get subsidizing. Therefore, Lavin was prescribed by the bank to get a place of possession with Otto and Sons; notwithstanding he at first declined the offer. That is due to the reason that was different from what he specialized in his consulting working. Lavin, regardless, consented to take the work of a consultant and set the stipulation with the Otto family. Anytime he came in as an associate, his financial venture would end up being at same leverage with his accomplices.

Later on, Lavin began involving more with Otto and children in 1975 as the organization began concentrating on worldwide venture and in this manner banded together with the two sons after their dad had resigned from business exercises. With the demand of McDonald, it is when Lavin chose to join the OSI Group on full time premise. for more .