Brad Reifler Helps Young Adults Save Money

American entrepreneur Brad Reifler has become the leading financial expert helping young adults managing their finances. Brad Reifler is the founder and CEO of Forefront Capital and former CEO of Pali Capital. Brad Reifler also served as director of Genesis Securities, European American Investment Bank and Foresight Research Solutions. Under the eye of Reifler, Pali Capital was bringing in $200 million profits and expanded its operation from the U.S. to Europe and Australia.

Reifler has been successful because he has succeeded in managing his money properly and now helps young adults do the same. Reifler urges young people to create a budget, so they know what they are earning and what they are spending. Having a budget can help you avoid financial disaster and possibly endless debt.

Reifler encourages young adults to look at their pay stub and see how much they pay the Federal government in taxes and social security, as well as state and local taxes and health insurance fees. Reifler encourages young people to start saving money, even if its a little every week or month. He believes if they do, they can become wealthy by the time they retire.

In order to avoid paying high prices, Reifler suggests avoiding those high-price private universities to lower costs. Employers look at potential employees’ experience and skills more than they look at education background.

Instead of buying the newest tech or the new car, Reifler urges people to get good deals. Consider negotiating for better prices on things such as car insurance. Reifler gives all this information to young people, so that they can live in a financially stable home.