Desiree Perez: Successful Woman In A Male Dominated Industry

The hard-driven entrepreneur, talent manager, and producer Desiree Perez have proven herself to be a true leader in the behemoth and extremely competitive global music and entertainment industry. In this traditionally male dominated field, Perez has proven to be a real mover and shaker. Read more News Here.

She has made the strategic business decisions for 22 years with “Jay-Z” Carter of Roc Nation that made it profitable. Also, she has been instrumental in expanding Jay-Z’s various interests in the industry, including concert tour management, various corporate entities, and the handling of various opportunity niches, ranging from talent development to music production. Simultaneously she oversees the production and management of major events involving today’s top artists to ensure these events are profitable and successful.

Confident and charismatic, Perez participates in the intense, high-level negotiations of both entertainment and sports celebrities. She is perfectly content to remain in the background of the stars. Although often in the company of big-name celebrities, she does not consider herself to be one. Desiree at LinkedIn.

Desiree Perez’s successes include the $25 million collaboration with Samsung that promoted Rihanna’s Anti tour. This tour propelled Rihanna into a place on the A-list as an entertainment performer and superstar. Her super stardom continues to rise under the guidance of Perez who assists her in making informed career, business, and financial decisions.

Perez is the chief operating officer of Roc Nation, established in 2008 and recognized as one of the world’s biggest entertainment companies. Roc Nation works with music producers, songwriters, and recording artists on issues such as artist management, brand building and management, music publishing and promotions, and concert and tour production, and collaborates with industry experts to effectively enhance its clients’ careers and reputations.

Roc Nation manages stars such Rihanna and Big Sean, and sports celebrities such as boxing’s Miguel Cotto and Andre Ward, among many others. for more.