Meet Perry Mandera, a Business Leader and a Philanthropist

Perry Mandera is a visionary leader in the transport and logistics industry. He is the chief executive officer of the Custom Companies, Inc. Mandera joined the sector in 1976 and has been passionate about serving customers with shipping needs for over 40 years.




Mr. Perry Mandera worked in the Marines, with the department of transport, supplies and troops. The occupation of the armed forces influenced his professional path. In 1984, Mandera decided to join politics as the Republican Ward Committeeman in Chicago for the 26th ward. He held the position for the four year-term and was the youngest member.


Charity Work


Perry Mandera emphasizes on philanthropic work regardless of his formative experiences. The philanthropist devotes time and resources to programs intended to help the less fortunate in his community. He has launched financial plans to help the needy children with transportation and clothing services. Mandera also reaches out to new groups of persons who might benefit from his generosity. His company carries out the yearly initiative where the staff provide names of needy people.




Mr. Mandera has become a notable figure in the business field. The Illinois Transportation Association (ITA) recognized him in 2000 and listed him in the “Top 100 American Transportation Executives of the Millennium.” Mandera implements techniques and tools that align with the high expectations of the shipping sector. His organization customizes the software to meet their specific needs and wants.




The renowned business leader gathers his inspiration from motivational speakers and religious teachings. Experience is another inspiration source for Mandera. His past mistakes and experiences have greatly shaped his profession.




Perry Mandera understands that maintaining connections with his clients is the ideal way to retain his market position. He uses phone calls, emails, and messages to receive and send messages to his customers. He is an excellent time manager, with an enviable ability to balance between work and family.


As a manager, Mandera acknowledges the need for employee participation in decision making. He actively involves his executive members in making corporate decisions. He strives for perfection and employs trained workers to avoid wasting time correcting mistakes. Perry Mandera is also a good listener and encourages upcoming leaders to pay more attention to details while making decisions.