Hussain Sajwani Invests in Strong Networking for the Growth of DAMAC Properties

Successful entrepreneurs understand that the lifeblood of their businesses relies on their ability to create viable and reliable entrepreneurial networks. Moreover, they understand that network marketing is essential to the development of their businesses. Therefore, they take it upon themselves to establish a platform that will help them in leveraging their products in the industry. One such entrepreneur that has managed to apply his business skills in fostering strong entrepreneurial networks is Hussain Sajwani, the DAMAC owner. Also known as a billionaire and a real estate mogul, he has managed to work with the likes of President Donald Trump and Tiger Woods in a project dubbed the Trump Golf Courses.

His Early Life

While Sajwani is currently successful, it took him a lot of time and confidence to delve into various choices. For starters, he was raised by his father in the busy city of Dubai where he managed the family business for some time. In the business, his father specialized in the sale of stationery, shirts and other varied personal use items, especially for men. Other than that, his father dedicated most of his days to mentoring his son into becoming a businessman. With time, Sajwani became a master of the business and his clients preferred dealing with him because of his ability to interact more and find out what they needed in terms of supply and demand. Within a few years of working as the manager at the shop and garnering vast experience, Sajwani quit pursuing education. First of all, he enrolled for medicine in one of Baghdad’s leading training institutions. However, being the explorer that he usually was, he decided to pursue another course in America where he won a full education scholarship.


Joining the Washington University, Hussain Sajwani, the DAMAC owner majored in economics alongside engineering. With his combination, he was competent to practice in business and technology industries. Therefore, after school, he got a job as a credit manager at GASCO. There, he invested in strong relationships that would later toss him into the food catering business. Of course, he aspired to work as a sole proprietor. Therefore, that was an opportunity to establish a strong career platform in business. A few years into the catering business, the DAMAC owner decided to establish DAMAC Properties.

DAMAC Properties

In 2017, Hussain Sajwani was named the leading entrepreneur in real estate. This title was linked to his successful leadership skills in DAMAC Properties. So far, the company has served more than 20, 000 clients in the Middle East. Even so, Hussain the DAMAC owner has not stopped pursuing business deals in the United States of America. There, he has been working with Donald Trump with the major intention of spreading DAMAC’s presence across America.

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Jose Auriemo Neto Leads JHSF into a Real Estate Powerhouse

JHSF, Founded in 1972, is a leading real estate Company in Brazil. The Company has participation in both residential and commercial projects. Over the years, they have been involved in the management of shopping centers, restaurants, and high-hotels.

JHSF has expanded its presence in other countries including New York, Salvador, Uruguay, and Manaus. The Company operates in four different units including Airports, Hotel, Restaurant, and shopping center. In 2007, JHSF became a publically traded Company in Bovespa Stock Exchange.

After achieving much success in real estate, JHSF decided to redirect its business projects which would generate revenue. The Company launched different projects including the management of shopping centers and luxurious hotels. They also launched the Catarina Executive Airport. The revenue has increased the Company’s monthly revenue.

JHSF opened the Metro Tucuruvi in 2013, but it was later sold in 2016. Before the sale, the Shopping Center had influenced the success of JHSF. 2013 also marked the year Ponta Negra was opened. There are two more projects under construction in Sao Paulo.

About Jose Neto

Jose is the Chairman and the Chief Executive Officer of JHSF. He has been responsible for building the company’s portfolio in commercial and residential properties.

In 1997, Jose founded the Parkbem, group service department which is a parking lot management company. The Company obtained great success in the service department. In1998, Jose secured the rights to launch the Company’s shopping destination. That was when they launched the Shopping Santa Cruz.

In 2007, Jose founded Cidade Jardim Mall. This was the first Mall to incorporate natural lighting. JHSF ventured into the retail business in 2009. Jose oversaw the first project by signing an exclusive contract with renowned brands like Jimmy Choo, Hermes, and Pucci. Cidade Jardim is the Country’s first Mall to have five high-end brands.

The company has opened luxury brands across their outlets. The Company secured a partnership with Valentino and opened stores across Brazil.

Jose attended the Fundação Armando Álvares Penteado University in Sao Paulo and begun his career in 1993 when he joined JHSF.

How Tammy Mazzocco Became A Successful Real Estate Agent

To Ohio real estate agent Tammy Mazzocco, the key to success is setting goals and breaking them down into actions that can be taken each day. This has helped to transform this former secretary into a powerhouse in the real estate industry in Ohio. At the urging of Ken Cook, the general manager and broker at Scotland Yard Condominiums where she worked for 7 years,Tammy Mazzocco got her real estate agent’s licensed and ventured into the field. After spending 3 years as a property manager with T&R Properties, she became personal assistant to Joe Armeni, a top RE/Max producer in 1998.

After seeing the daily activities of this successful real estate developer and agent for a few months, in 1999 Tammy Mazzocco decided to make real estate her full-time career. She joined the Pickerington, Ohio based team of Judy Gang & Associates in 2000. Gang became Mazzocco’s friend, mentor and inspiration and spurred her on to success. Today Tammy Mazzocco is a very successful residential real estate agent selling homes in Central Ohio’s Delaware, Fairfield, Franklin and Licking counties. Tammy at Facebook .

Mazzocco she starts her day with meditation and stretching, then quickly does her most important tasks. She then does some cold-calling and prospecting for new clients. Her most productive activities are researching, brainstorming and creating business plans to ensure her ideas are feasible. What she is really good at is closing the sale once she meets with clients face-to-face, even though she’s a little shy.

Treating clients time and investment as she would her own and focusing on what’s best for them is her most effective strategy. This gives her the referrals and repeat business that provides 85% of her clients. She also uses lead generating companies and innovative strategies to cultivate new clients and help her business to grow. for more .