End Citizens United Is Fighting Hard To Return Much Needed Integrity To The Election Process:

End Citizens United is a political activist organization that was founded on March 1, 2015, and bases its operations out of Washington D.C. The committee actively works to obtain a reversal of the 2010 decision made by the U.S. Supreme Court in regard to Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission.

This decision caused a deregulation on the limits that independent groups can donate to the political campaigns of specific candidates. It also essentially allows for corporations to donate a limitless amount to a political candidate’s campaign and to do so under virtual anonymity. There is also a concern that the ruling in Citizens United cedes an unfair advantage to the conservative/Republican side of the political coin due to the fact the party has strong ties with some of the wealthiest individuals and most powerful corporations in the world. The ruling has been condemned by activist groups such as the ACLU, the League of Women Voters and the Center for Political Accountability, to name just a few. The primary goal of the committee is to enact change in the political system by reforming the way that candidates have raised money. The committee strives to see a return of integrity to the process of election to political office.

End Citizens United recently issued a complaint to the Federal Election Commission that claims that Rick Scott has been illegally obtaining funds in support of his campaign for the U.S. Senate. Adam Bozzi is the Director of Communications for the organization and has characterized Scott as being someone who is putting his political aspirations above adhering to the law of the land regarding this matter. End Citizens United has also come armed with supporting documentation that refutes Scott’s denial of these worrisome charges. Scott has been at the center of allegations of financial impropriety before. As CEO of Columbia/HCA, he was accused of Medicare fraud and resigned his position as a result.

The bottom line is that cases such as the Rick Scott situation are exactly the reason that End Citizens United was founded in the first place. Rick Scott’s alleged actions are typical of what many said would be the consequences of the Citizens United Ruling. It also serves as a textbook example of why it is so critical that this ruling is overturned.

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ECU and Latino Victory Fund Endorse Veronica Escobar to Run for Congress

End Citizens United and Latino Victory Fund have endorsed the former judge of El Paso, Veronica Escobar in her bid to run for the Texas 16th Congressional District. Escobar, if elected into office, would become the first member from Latin America to be elected in the state of Texas as a member of Congress. The president of Latino Victory Fund, Cristobal J. Alex said that Escobar has a proven track record of leadership and has been a champion for the working American citizens in El Paso. Alex, who also hails from El Paso, said that Escobar would have the opportunity to become a powerful voice for equality and justice in El Paso since she has previously served as a county judge.

Alex also said that Veronica Escobar has committed to raise the minimum wage for thousands of workers in Texas, create employment opportunities and improve access to quality and affordable healthcare to the residents of Texas. Escobar runs for office at a critical time when the welfare and rights of Texans have been under constant attack. She has the necessary experience and grit to fight back against the Republican majority in Congress and the dangerous agendas of President Donald Trump. The President of End Citizens United, Tiffany Muller, noted that Veronica Escobar had built her career standing up for justice and upholding the rule of law.

Muller added that Escobar would bring that experience to the US Congress as a loud voice for the interests of millions of the working families in Texas. End Citizens United endorsed Escobar because of the belief that she can fix the broken politics in Washington and the failed policies of President Donald Trump. Veronica Escobar has also said that she will not be accepting campaign money from the super PACs. Muller added that End Citizens United was glad to have a working relationship with Veronica Escobar to clean up the broken politics in the halls of Washington and make Capitol Hill work for the benefit of all employed Texans, and not the few with most money and influence.

Veronica Escobar is a strong advocate for overturning Citizens United and its discredited philosophies of giving more and more to those with the most and hoping that prosperity trickles down to everyone else. Escobar is a strong supporter of the DISCLOSE Act which will force secret donors to reveal their financial contributions to the American political process.

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NGP Van Gives Useful Tips On How To Organize A Campaign Rally

In January, NGP Van provided a few tips and advice on how to organize and hold a campaign rally. The first piece of advice was to determine whether or not you should really organize a rally because there is a lot of work that goes into it.

The second tip was to plan all of the details, such as carefully selecting the location. Choosing a quality sound system is important too, and visual aspects to be incorporated, and this can include supporters standing with signs in the front row or behind the speaker.

The third tip is to advertise the actual event. The goal is to invite as many people as possible via flyers, a Facebook page and even via local radio stations.

The more advertising you do, the more people will know about the rally.

Those three tips can go a long way when they are implemented.

NGP Van: Who Are They And Who Do They Help

It is a company that provides technology to progressive and Democratic organizations, campaigns, municipalities, non-profits and other types of groups. Think of NGP Van as being a platform that offers fundraising, organizing, compliance, social networking and digital products. They’re based in Washington DC and Somerville, but they serve clients located around the world.

Products Offered By NGP VAN

NGP VAN’s software, MiniVAN, is an app that is designed to aide in canvassing. It helps campaigns contact supporters, votes and enter key data. It makes collecting and storing data easy.

Another product NGP Van has is VoteBuilder, which is software that allows organizations to track their interaction with those who will potentially vote. The software stores various methods of contact, including phone calls.

Those are only a few products that NGP Van offers. In short, the company works hard to help Democratic organizations achieve their goals and helps their causes.


Global Philanthropist George Soros

George Soros of Katonah, NY donated $531 million in 2016 and his annual giving will grow in size in the future years. As a hedge fund legend George Soros, is among the Forbes 400 members. He survived Nazi Occupation in Hungary. He worked his way through London School of Economics by working for the railway as a porter a waiter in nightclubs. He found success on Wall Street in the United States after leaving London. In 1969 he came to New York where he founded his twelve million dollar hedge fund.

Planned Parenthood and Global Witness have been long term grantees of Soros’s donations over the years. From the Soros Fund Management, he moved $18 billion over the past few years to his Open Society Foundations. Founded over 30 years ago, Open Society indorses human rights and democracy in 120 or more countries. In the past few years, Open Society has begun focusing more on the United States. The Foundation has invested in programs that protect the lesbians and gays and has reduced police brutality. The Open Society Foundation will be funded by the ongoing process of funds from the hedge fund. The Foundation will live on longer than its founder and deploy support to dozen of endeavors across the globe.

George supported many different agendas. He supported programs on anti-death penalties, needle-exchange and legalization of drugs. As a recipient of funds from the Open Society Foundation, Drug Policy Alliance is helping to secure new treatment policies for drug offenders and loosening the narcotics laws. He feels that drug offenders who are not violent should be given every opportunity to reenter society successfully.

During the Ebola outbreak in 2014, the Foundation funded treatment centers. It also promoted a center for Roma art and culture and protected people against “a national wave of hate incidents” after the 2016 election. After the rise in crimes, after the election, Soros committed $10 million to preventing such violence. He also supported the relaxed immigration policies Black Lives Matter movement in the United States.

Mr. Soros earned the nickname “the man who broke the Bank of England in 1992, when he made a $1 billon dollar bet against the British pound. His aggressive selling of the pound forced the government to devalue the pound.

In Hungary in 1984 he established the very first Open Society Foundation to promote human rights and democracy. He argued for free expression, respect for each individual to have rights and democratic governance. Open Society Foundations advance the public health systems, business developments and education in regions all over the world. Soros believes that his donations will encourage national global change.

The Open Society Foundations are the second-largest philanthropic group. The Wall Street Journal confirmed that the transfer did go through and was sent to the Foundation. As a progressive and extremely wealthy political activist he expresses his ideas through his contributions to political social organizations. Mr. Soros believes that “In my definition an open society is an imperfect society that holds itself open to improvement.

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