Dr. Greg Finch Promotes Faster Recovery After Surgery

Dr. Greg Finch is involved in research to make orthopedic surgeries with as few incisions as can be possible. This will help to reduce healing time. It can even lead to patients getting the surgical procedures done without any need for hospitalization. This means that they can go home on the same day. Some body parts can be treated with these orthopedic surgeries being conducted by making use of arthroscopic techniques. They can help to repair any damaged tendons and ligaments. Besides, any soft tissue tears can be repaired this way that may have occurred in the knees, shoulders, besides the wrists, or hips.


Dr. Greg Finch specializes in surgical fusions. These are done for the spine in case of any degenerative disc disease being present there. In this case, two or more vertebrae are fused together. This way the area where the spine has been fused remains more stable.


Internal Fixations are typically used in ankles. Surgeons like Dr. Greg Finch make use of pins and screws to ensure that any broken joint can heal correctly.


A common joint replacement surgery is done for the knee or the hip. There can be a partial knee replacement or a full knee replacement. Else there can be a revision surgery. This is done in the case of any implanted device that had been done previously.


Dr. Greg Finch performs soft tissue surgeries. These are most commonly performed on the knee. These are also performed on the wrist, shoulders as well as elbows.


A certain amount of time is required to heal from orthopedic surgery. This tends to vary from patient to patient. Dr. Greg Finch promotes the use of arthroscopic techniques as this allows the patients to become mobile again much faster. He agrees that patients cannot be completely healthy right away after orthopedic surgery. Still, a commitment to following physical therapy along with various treatment options will help them to get back to their daily lives very soon.