Bad Insurance Sends Former Atlanta Hawks Owner to Court

Bruce Levenson, former co-owner of the Atlanta Hawks, just can’t move on from his history with the NBA. Following the exit of the man he hired to be General Manager, Dan Ferry, Levenson has been locked in a legal battle with an insurance company that, according to him, failed to live up to the policy that should’ve covered that contract termination.

According to lawsuit filed with the Fulton County Court, Levenson’s Atlanta Hawks Basketball and Entertainment company is suing the New Hampshire Insurance Company (NHIC) for bad faith of policy. When Levenson was Governor of the Hawks he covered several legal possibilities through the NHIC, but when Ferry terminated his contract the insurance company refused to cover him and his company.

Ferry was signed on to be General Manager for the Hawks back in 2012. The contract was drafted for six years with the team, but Ferry left his position prematurely in 2015, laving his position at just about the halfway mark. When the negotiations were completed, Ferry was officially separated from the Hawks just days before Levenson himself handed over control of the team to new owners. And in those few days the NHIC refused to cover any of the monetary expenses that came with Ferry’s contract negotiation, meaning it was up to Levenson to pay.

According to the lawsuit, Levenson claims that workplace termination and related torts were part of his insurance policy with NHIC, meaning the costs connected to Ferry were covered. But not only did they deny any potential payout, Levenson was given no notice that his coverage had been denied.

In a report by Bloomberg, Levenson is charging NHIC for bad faith of policy and is seeking damages related to the Ferry contract termination from his former insurance policy provider.

About Bruce Levenson:

Bruce Levenson is a known power player in the world of philanthropy and sports, the result of having been co-owner of the Atlanta Hawks and the Philips Arena. Levenson began his professional life as a writer for the Washington Star before moving on to become a publisher, then to open the doors of the United Communications Group with his business partner Ed Peskowitz. For nearly 20 years he’s remained with the group as Partner. To view his full bio, check out

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