Neurologist Dr. Jorge Moll: The Neural Basis Of Behavior, A Study

A study conducted by Dr. Jorge Moll and published in Nature’s Scientific Reports journal suggests that unselfish, team-related behavior among certain groups of people is neural in nature. Using Functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging, researchers at the D’Or Institute of Research and Education (IDOR) used 27 soccer fans of Brazilian teams to conduct the experiment. The purpose was the exploration of the neural processes involved in group motivation.


In this case, money was the motivating factor. Participants were presented with three choices. Whether they would donate a specific amount of money to anonymous fans of their own soccer teams, donate to anonymous non-fans, or to keep the money for themselves. Preference was measured by how hard the subjects squeezed a hand grip device. Researchers headed by Jorge Moll also monitored neural activity during the trials. The results show that they favored keeping the money for themselves overall, but preferred anonymous fans of their own team over non-fans.


The conclusion reached is that fans respond positively to other fans of their own team similar to the way they respond to family members when making altruistic choices.


Founded in 2010 by the physicians Jorge Moll and Fernanda Tovar-Moll, the D’Or Institute of Research and Education is a private nonprofit dedicated to advancing scientific research and technological progress in healthcare and education. It is headquartered in Botafogo, Rio de Janeiro.


Founder, Director and President, Jorge Moll graduated from The Federal University of Rio de Janeiro with his MD and earned his Ph.D. in Experimental Pathology from the University of São Paulo. He and his team are committed to serving the community by providing high-quality medical treatment to people experiencing neuropsychiatric disorders.


Dr. Moll has been published in several journals such as the Journal of Cognitive Neuroscience, NeuroImage, and Trends in Cognitive Sciences, ( giving him a world-wide audience to share his expertise and knowledge of neuro-related disorders.