Doug Levitt tells untold tales with the Greyhound Diaries

The 2008 economic slowdown in the U.S. caused several issues. One of the leading causes of the poor economy is the poverty in different parts of the United States. Doug Levitt has strived to uncover these stories. He was from CNN where he worked as an international correspondent. He embarked on his journey to find the problems faced by the poor from the year 2004. He began the journey for a short period of six weeks. The journeys later turned out to become a story known as the Greyhound Diaries. He eventually traveled 80,000 miles by the year 2012. He continues his journey across different parts of the United States where he shares the music, tales, and experiences of his journey.


The Greyhound Diaries explains what we never see in the public media. It is a showcase of the worst periods just like the 2008 economic shutdown. Doug Levitt shares his experiences through a novel, EP records, and even live performances. Levitt has embarked on a journey where he wants to tour the entire United States. He adds a new material ever day when he encounters the poverty struck regions within the United States. The work of Doug Levitt is great and worth looking. He has sought to bring out news out of the realities that face the less fortunate in the American Society.


Dough Levitt sings different songs whenever he travels. Most of the songs are usually stories inspired by his journey on the Greyhound bus. The stories are often found on the blog covered by the Greyhound Dairies. More often than not, he runs free shows so that different people can hear his talent and share their stories too. One thing about him is that he wants to connect with people. He seeks to foster a sense of community that seems to have been lost. Doug has the creativity to accomplish everything he wants.


Doug Levitt was born in the United States in 1972. He was educated in prominent public schools and graduation from the high school of Woodrow Wilson. After the graduating, he moved to London where he became a foreign correspondent. He concentrated on war hit nations like Rwanda and Iran. The result was that he wanted to cover the lives of the poor.