Using Keywords For PPC Campaigns That Drive Sales, Not Clicks


Keywords are the cornerstone of all search engine optimization (SEO) campaigns. When you use the right keywords, you will receive a higher ranking in Google’s search results and you will attract visitors who intend to buy your product or service. While you want the search engines to understand what your website is about, you should write content to engage your visitors and use keywords naturally. Normally, when you are telling visitors what your website is about, the keywords will already be present in your text.


Google and other websites have free keyword research tools to help you discover what words and phrases people would use to find your business. Search queries are what consumers type into the search box; they are typically phrases with intent. A person searching for a landscaper would type landscaper plus the name of their town, since they would want a local business, while a person who wants landscaping tips for a DIY project would use a different search query. Using relevant keywords in your content delivers traffic that consists of your target audience.


Once you have your keywords, use them in your content, especially in your headlines. Sprinkle keywords in your title tags, meta descriptions and ALT tags, however, you will want to arrange the phrases so that they are grammatically correct. Search engines will understand the keyword phrases and your content will read better. Once you master keywords, you will be an SEO expert.


As a Google AdWords Premier SMB Partner, White Shark Media supplies professional AdWords and Bing Ads account setup, management and optimization to small and mid-sized businesses. With 69 Google Shopping Certified team members, White Shark Media can offer specialized AdWords management for e-commerce clients. Using Google Analytics, the agency tracks the value of each sale triggered by the client’s Google AdWords campaign, ensuring that the campaign provides the client with the highest return. White Shark Media offers specialized local, legal and dental AdWords campaigns and search engine marketing targeting the U.S. Hispanic market.


White Shark Media develops AdWords campaigns based on thorough competitor and keyword research by a PPC strategist, who selects keyword phrases that will drive sales, not just clicks.