Graham Edwards Makes His Mark In UK Property Development

Graham Edwards has been turning heads and gaining influence for several years thanks to his skills in business. He has been at the head of Telereal Trillium Ltd located in London, England since its beginning in 2001. Telereal Trillium is a commercial property management and investment company with several years in the business. They also have managed over 6,000 commercial properties (Relationshipscience).

Graham Edwards graduated from Cambridge University with a degree in economics. His degree from this prestigious university in economics was vital to his career and prepared him for his field. One of the numerous commercial properties that Telereal Trillium manages is the Department for Work and Pensions. He has proven how skilled he is managing the assets of large companies and organizations.

Professionals all throughout England are invited to join boards and committees only with a proven track record for success. Graham has more than earned his place on these boards and is a member of the UK Society of Investment Professionals. He also holds the title of a Fellow of the Royal Institute of Chartered Professionals. He is well versed in acquisitions and investments and has displayed much of his knowledge in 2004. He was able to successor lead negotiations in an acquisition with Land Securities Group Plc. His role in the negotiations generated a huge pay day for Telereal Trillium.

Although Graham Edwards has already obtained a degree in economics, his love of education inspired him to pursue a master’s degree in International Relations. This major will allow him to pursue the field of foreign affairs with a specific focus on the Middle East. This degree will come from the prestigious King’s College London. His re-enrollment in school is inspirational to those who also want to further their education.

In addition to his major victories in the world of commercial property management and investments, Graham is involved in philanthropic activities. His profile is online for those who wish to study his success and educational background. All those interested in joining the management industry should take a look at Telereal Trillium’s website for more information.