Avaaz Fights For Human Rights

Nothing better speaks for humanity like Avaaz. Since it was founded, the organization has tried its best in fighting for the afflicted in the society. Avaaz roots from a Portuguese word. It means to voice out a person’s opinion. That is a true reflection of what this organization values. Geographically situated in America, Avaaz has been on the lead of fighting for humanity. In fact, most Americans identify this organization as the sole call for help for many citizens that are suffering. Avaaz seeks to deliver humanitarian policies to the people.


Avaaz was born in in 2007. Since then, it has fostered global activism when it comes to highlighting key issues. Some of the issues this organization focuses on include climate change, animal rights, poverty, conflict as well as education rights. Until now, Avaaz has managed to succeed in highlighting these issues.Avaaz has registered tremendous success to the point of winning The Guardian’s heart as a powerful online network for activism.

Profile of Services

Avaaz is a progressive NGO. Its focus determines its direction in the near future. It has a strong team of managers that have worked with humanitarian foundations. One such person is , Ricken Patel. Under his guidance, Avaaz has reached out to many afflicted people. As it grows, many people continue to receive the needed support in fighting their fears in the society. With the world having different systems of constitutions and governments, it is expected that some people receive lesser of the good that others receive. That is why Avaaz is important to the world. The organization neutralizes this feeling by providing the best, reliable platforms, for justice and fair treatment.


Avaaz also focuses on online cases. Petitions can be signed to fight for what people believe is right. Avaaz is always ready to air such issues.